Artist thoughts from Baku Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo): “I’m Baku, and my country I represent won Eurovision once, Really! I’m the fastest Eurofriend in Eurovision Land (You can say that 12 times fast, really!) and I love doing things fast, really! And I love to enjoy going fast, but I’m always careful too, […]

62 COVERS UNTIL KIEV – DAY 8 (Azerbaijan 2011)

AZERBAIJAN 2011 My hart het klaar besluit – Monique & David Fourie Running scared – Ell & Nikki

Nigar Jamal releases brand new single and video – ‘Çağıran Da Ürəkdi’

Nigar Jamal has released her brand new single and video for the summer of 2016. The song is called Çağıran Da Ürəkdi. The song is upbeat and has a strong production. It is composed by Ramin Vəlibəyov with words by İsmayıl Əsədov. The director is Fərhad Əli. Nigar was part of the successful and winning […]

Eldar Gasimov is getting ‘Closer’ with his new single

Eldar Gasimov was part of the successful duo with Nigar  Jamal (Ell & Nikki) that won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest for Azerbaijan with Running Scared. Now Eldar returns with his latest solo release. The song is called Closer. It is a mid tempo soulful pop song with a classic arrangement. You can see the […]


The second song comes from one of the newer countries in Eurovision and it is their euro winner. It is RUNNING SCARED of Ell & Nikki of AZERBAIJAN 2011. The second song on the compilation is the Afrikaans cover of it by DAVID FOURIE & MONIQUE STEYN.