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Check out Eva Jumatate and her new song ‘Boom! …Here I Am’


Eva Jumatate is a young and talented singer, who was a very popular contestant on TalangSE (Sweden’s Got Talent) in 2019. She has just released a brand new song called Boom! …Here I Am. The track is a contemporary and upbeat and radio friendly pop song with a strong production.

Boom! …Here I Am is composed by popular Swedish songwriters –  Johan Jämtberg and Mikael Gunnerås. They were part of the team behind This Is The Night by Kurt Calleja (2012 ESC Malta). Johan is also a producer and vocal coach and works with many up and coming talented singers. He has previously worked with Zara Larsson, Lisa Ajax and sisters, Molly Sandén, Frida Sandén and Mimmi Sandén.

Eva is just 12 years old and originally from Romania. Johan received a recommendation to listen to Eva. So, he contacted her parents and they were happy and positive for Johan and his team to work on something with Eva. Together they worked on a song and sent it to Ola Håkansson (the manager of Zara Larsson and former member of the group, Secret Service, and he also participated in Melodifestivalen in Sweden as a singer and composer). He was very happy with the result of this recording and now the song has been officially released with a video clip.

You can see the official music video for Boom! …Here I Am below. The track is available to purchase or stream via all digital stores including Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and many more.

Source: ESC Covers