Morten Thomassen writes today over DIMA BELIN who came second in 2006. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Some almost have to make it before they perfect themselves and come back and win.

Russian Dima Bilan had to go through this experience and the first time he tried his hand at this competition he almost won.

Well, almost and almost, he was 44 points behind monster winners Finland and 19 ahead of third-placed Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The song was called “Never Let You Go” and is perhaps best remembered for the ballet dancer who appeared from the grand piano on stage.

Dima, whose real name is Viktor Nikolayevich Belan, has had a career going since 2000.

He already tried in 2005 to represent his home country in the ESC, but came second.

Otherwise, we naturally remember his victory from 2008 where he was flanked by an ice dancer and a violinist with a fiddle worth 20 million EURO.

He was currently a participant for Russia in the 2010 final as well, but believed that it would be too early a return to the final.

Last but not least, he tried his hand at the Russian final in 2012 in a duet together with Yulia Volkova who was one half of tATu

And how did it go, as expected I kept saying, another second place given.

Considering today’s situation, it will probably be quite a while until we see Russian artists in our beloved competition, so a reunion with Dima will probably disappear in the fog

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