Kate Ryan hits the dancefloor with cover of ‘Holiday’ by Madonna

Kate Ryan has returned with her cover of the Madonna song Holiday. The track has a pulsating dance beat and is ready made for the summer dance floors and beaches. Holiday is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores. Kate represented Belgium at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with Je t’adore and she has […]

‘Khimiya’ is the new single by Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan is back with a brand new song called Khimiya (Chemistry). It is a radio friendly and upbeat track with a strong production. Khimiya is available to stream or buy by digital stores such as Apple Music and Google Play. Dima has represented Russia twice at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with Never Let […]

Tina Karol releases new song ‘Vabyty’

Tina Karol is back with a brand new single and video clip. The song is entitled Vabyty (Attract). It is a summery and upbeat track with a positive vibe and strong production. The music video for Vabyty is sexy and fun and shows the fun side of Tina that we have not really seen for […]

Yazaiah sings cover of ‘Twist Of Love’ by Sidsel Ben Semmane

ESC Covers reports that Yazaiah from Malta has made a cute and fun cover of Twist Of Love by Sidsel Ben Semmane (2006 ESC Denmark). Check out Yazaiah’s version of Twist Of Love below. Source: ESC Covers

Fabrizio Faniello returns with ‘Unexpected’ new single …and album release

Fabrizio Faniello is back with a brand new single and album for the spring of 2018. The new single is entitled Unexpected and it is composed by David Neisser, Michael James Down and Primaz Poglajen. It is a laid back and reflective ballad with meaningful lyrics. The new album also called ‘Unexpected ‘and is courtesy […]

Elena Risteska releases brand new video for ‘Tequila & Lemon’

Elena Risteska returns with a new single and video clip to warm up these cool autumn days. The song is entitled Tequila & Lemon. The song has a hot Balkan vibe that reminds us of the summer fun by the beaches. Darko Dimitrov is the composer, producer and arranger of Tequila & Lemon. Elena is […]

Severina is back with new single ‘Kuda za vikend’

Severina has returned with a brand new single and video clip. The song is called Kuda za vikend (Where for the weekend). It is a lively and upbeat song with positive vibes.  The song is composed by Miloš Roganović and Filip Miletić. Severina represented Croatia at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with the ethnic upbeat song […]

‘Ya ne perestanu’ is the new single by Tina Karol

Tina Karol is back with a new song for the summer of 2017. It is called Ya ne perestanu (I Will Not Stop). The song is an electronic rock/pop song that has a dramatic feel and some expressive choreography by Tina in the music video. Tina represented Ukraine at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with […]

Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan team up for ‘Prosti menya’ duet single

Two of the most popular Russian Eurovision stars, Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan have teamed up to release Prosti menya (Forgive me). It is a powerful pop/rock ballad that grows on you with each listen. Dima and Sergey premiered the song at a special concert show on Muz tv in Russia last week. Sergey represented Russia […]

Hari Mata Hari & Elena Risteska collaborate with ‘Jos Me Plasis’

Hari Mata Hari and Elena Risteska have got together to release Jos Me Plasis (I’m still afraid). It is a classic Balkan collaboration of two great singers with an upbeat pop rock sound. The music is by H.Varešanović and text by Alma Abdagić, Alen Lemešević and Fahrudin Pecikoza. The arrangement is by Darko Dimitrov. The video […]