We start off the 60 day competition around ABBA since we will be in STOCKHOLM for Eurovision 2016.
I have selected 24 ABBA songs and the competition over 60 days will involve this 24 songs. Depending on how busy I am, every 2 or 3 days a new song will become available. The 24 songs have been picked at random and TAKE A CHANCE ON ME came up first so that is therefore the name of the competition.
There are 6 times 60 points at stake, so 360 in total, dividing that through 24 songs, is 15 points per song. But some will carry more points to a maximum of 30 and others less, but never less than 10 points. So the 360 points have been split between the 24 songs, and as TAKE A CHANCE ON ME starts the competition, it gets 30 points.
The competition will work as follows:
First of all, it is a joint effort between the WEBSITE and the FACEBOOK. The new song will be announced on the website but people can publish their response either on the website or the facebook under that song title.
I will take a sentence from the song lyrics and present that and you have to write a line or two about what memory this ABBA song brings – maybe your first kiss or a special birthday or whatever. The winner works as follows – if just one person responds, he or she gets the 30 points – if 2 respond, they each get 15 points, if three respond, then 10 points each. If more than 3, then I pick the best 3 in my opinion and each get 10 points.
If someone does not want his or her 10 points, then such a person can trade it in for half an euro discount on 2016 membership (or those that have paid already, then it is banked towards 2017 membership).
This gives everybody a chance – those that want points towards the ticket list for 2016 and those who for whatever reason cannot go and so want to earn “discount” towards their membership.
Winners will be announced one day after the next song is presented. So it gives people a couple of days to send their memory of a particular song.

2 thoughts on “TAKE A CHANCE ON ME”

  1. The competition only starts tomorrow – as I have not as yet published the sentence from the lyric. This is just a broad outline as how the competition will function

  2. I am not sure if this is still live but here goes.

    My memories of take a chance on me brings back memories for me on my first nights out in Birkenhead, a pretty rough place in the UK. I went out with a couple of girlfriends and we got the bus there. It was amazing to drink and dance all nigh, the most recognisable tune being take a chance on me.

    I did get home to some very distressed parents who had called the police and hospitals thinking I had been abducted (I was 14 and had been told to by 8pm).

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