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Lea Garza has success at ‘El Cantante Concurso’ festival in Mexico

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Lea Garza is a young and talented 12 years old singer, who was born in Miami, USA and is now residing in Mexico. She has an Italian mother and Mexican father.

Lea has just had a massive success at her first singing contest in Mexico. She won the ‘El Cantante Concurso’ festival. It was a big contest with 50 participants from all over Mexico. There were four preliminary rounds and then a semi-final before the grand final. Lea was the youngest girl taking part.

Lea participated with the song Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. The participation was by a special video performance, which was done in one take and Lea’s father later mixed her vocal with the backing track.

By the way Lea’s father is Javier Garza. He has worked with many big artists spanning over 30 years and he has earned 16 Grammys of American and Latin.

The judges of the ‘El Cantante Concurso’ contest were David Cavazos and Meastra Lula Ross, who are very popular artists in Mexico.

Lea’s video of Stone Cold was posted in ‘I migliori talenti del web’ and in just four hours had 8,000 views and this is now over 22,000.

At five years old Lea started voice classes and piano.  She has done many concerts with her music school  and was selected as a singer to do recitals at school and church. She has a positive stage presence for her young age. It is her dream to be a popular singer.

Lea has a funny story to tell. She contacted famous Canadian singer, Alessia Cara, when she was nine years old. At the time her father was working with Alessia. Lea sent her a voice message to say how beautiful she was and then said to Alessia, “I forgot to inform you that I as well am a singer!!”. Alessia sent a video message back to Lea to “work hard for your dream because to have a dream it’s wonderful”.

One more fact about Alessia is that her full family name is Caracciolo, which is the same as Lea’s grandmother. Who knows?!!…they may be related.

Anyway I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from Lea. In the meantime check out her video of Stone Cold below.

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f you mention the funny story about Alessia Cara ,I just want to say that Lea in actually 1/4 Caracciolo like Alessia Cara which is Italian Caracciolo we might even be related ,my mom was Caracciolo

Listen to ‘Stone Cold’ – the latest cover by Christine Restakyan

Christine Restakyan
Christine Restakyan

Christine Restakyan again showcases her powerful and gutsy vocals with her interpretation of the Demi Lovato song, Stone Cold.

Christine is a talented young singer / songwriter from Georgia. She released her own composition Maybe and tried to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

You can hear Christine’s version of Stone Cold below. Check out her own YouTube channel to catch more of her music and covers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAO_4foXnxq16C43sBCLNw

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Cesár Sampson returns with a brand new video clip for ‘Stone Cold’

Cesár Sampson from the music video of 'Stone Cold'
Cesár Sampson from the music video of ‘Stone Cold’

Cesár Sampson is back with a brand new single entitled Stone Cold.

He has also released a music video to accompany the track.

Cesár represented Austria at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with Nobody But You and finished in third place.

Check out Stone Cold below.

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