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Recently we finished with our Top 100 which were compiled from the top 10’s of 103 people. Now for about 2 weeks, Roy of ESC Covers will do his top 20 of Eurovision songs he would have liked in the top 100 but they did not make it.

On a side note, a big thank you to Carolina of Peru who drew the beautiful Johannesburg Eurofriend,  which we use as the featured image.

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Magazin release new song ‘ŽENA, A NE BROJ’ and will take part in the 2017 CMC Festival

Grupa Magazin - from the music video for 'ŽENA, A NE BROJ'
Grupa Magazin – from the music video for ‘ŽENA, A NE BROJ’

Grupa Magazin will take part in the popular CMC Festival in Croatia to be held in June this year with their song ŽENA, A NE BROJ. The song has a beautiful Balkan style melody and features the charming vocals of Andrea Šušnjara (who sang Lijepa Tena for Croatia at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Igor Cukrov).

Magazin previously participated at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Nostalgija and finished in sixth place. The lead vocalist then was Danijela Martinović (who also sang for Croatia also at the 1998 Eurovision) and was joined by Lidija Horvat-Dunjko.

Magazin have been one of the most successful groups in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia and beyond with many hits

ŽENA, A NE BROJ is composed by Tonči Huljić and Vjekoslava Huljić with the arrangement by Tonči Huljić and Leo Škaro.

You can see the official video for ŽENA, A NE BROJ below.

Source: ESC Covers

Magazin are back with ‘Ima Dana’ at CMC Festival in Croatia

Grupa Magazin {copyright: Grupa Magazin - from the official video clip of Im Dana}
Grupa Magazin {copyright: Grupa Magazin – from the official video clip of Im Dana}

Grupa Magazin are one of the most popular bands in the Balkans. They represented Croatia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Nostalgija. Now Magazin are back with a brand new song for the summer of 2016. It is titled Ima Dana (Some days).

The lead vocalist for Magazin these days is Andrea Šušnjara, who is no stranger herself to Eurovision. She participated at the 2009 contest in Moscow with Igor Cukrov and the song Lijepa Tena. Andrea has also took part in 2004 Dora competition (Croatian national selection) with Noah and finished in second place.

Ima Dana is a song that is part of the 2016 CMC Festival in Croatia. It is composed by Tonči Huljić and Vjekoslava Huljić. The arrangement is by Tonči Huljić and Leo Škaro.

You can see the official video for Ima Dana below.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/grupa.magazin; ESCCovers


Euro acts appear at Sunčane Skale festival in Montenegro

suncane skale

The 21st edition of the popular music festival Sunčane Skale took place earlier this week in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Many Euro acts guessed in the festival that was held over two days. The first part of the festival was a competition for lots of up and coming acts. The second night was a festival where acts performed their latest hits.

Former Eurovision acts performed at the festival including Magazin (Croatia 1995), Pamela Ramljak from Feminnem (Bosnia-Herzegovina 2005 and Croatia 2011), Jelena Tomašević (Serbia 2008), Bojana Stamenov (Serbia 2015) and Knez (Montenegro 2015).

The competition part of the festival was won by Karin Soiref from Gibraltar with Sing My Song. Karin got to perform this again as part of the festival on the second evening. Karin was later interviewed and she said she “would like to represent Gibraltar at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest”.

Source: www.esccovers.com; Balkanika tv


Magazin release new single and video – Doktore

Group Magazin {copyright: Grupa Magazin}
Group Magazin {copyright: Grupa Magazin}

Group Magazin are a very popular group that were originally formed in the 70s and are massively popular in Croatia and all the Balkan countries. Magazin represented Croatia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with the the song Nostalgija. Danijela Martinović was the lead vocalist at that time and she later also represented Croatia herself at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with her song  Neka mi ne svaneLjiljana Nikolovska and Jelena Rozga were also lead vocalists over a period of time with the group. Tonči Huljić was the founder and key member of the group writing many top hits.

The lead vocalist with Magazin now is Andrea Šušnjara. She has also been on the Eurovision stage where she sang a duet with Igor Cukrov in 2009 with the song Lijepa Tena.

Magazin return with a brand new hit for the summer of 2015 and also a place in the CMC Music Festival in Croatia. The song is called Doktore (Doctor). It is an upbeat Balkan pop song with an eye catching video to support it. The music is by Tonči Huljić with text by Vjekoslava Huljić
and arrangement by Leo Škaro.

You can see the video for Doktore below and the song is available on iTunes to purchase.

Source: www.fb.com/grupa.magazin; www.esccovers.com




The 4th song on the celebration compilation comes from 1995, the first year I got accreditation at Eurovision and therefore meeting the artists personally. It is from CROATIA and their song NOSTALIGIJA of Magazin & Lidija. Recently ZITA & BURGERD covered it in Afrikaans and is called DUISEND TALE (Thousand languages). The fact that songs have been in different languages is one of the things that drew many fans to Eurovision.