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Listen: Giulia Falcone & Alexandre Bertet and their charming cover of ‘One’ by U2

Giulia Falcone & Alexandre Bertet have collaborated on a beautiful cover version of the U2 song, One.  The duet was arranged so that Guilia would sing at home in Italy and Alexandre would sing and play the piano from his home in France.

The beautiful duet interpretation of One is a song of hope during these difficult times for the world.

Giulia is a 14 years old singer from Italy, who is comfortable singing pop and also classical arrangements. She has a charming voice and has already recorded such diverse songs as Caruso and Out Here On My Own. We look forward to hearing more from her in the near future.

Alexandre is a talented young musician and vocalist from Marseille in France. He was a popular contestant on The Voice Kids 5 in France. He also got to join famous French singer, Patrick Fiore (1993 ESC France) in a concert.

You can listen to Giulia and Alexandre perform One below.

Source: ESC Covers

Italy: Listen to the voice of Giulia Falcone

guilia giulia-2

A charming new singer to listen to is Giulia Falcone from Italy. She is just 14 years old but has a delightful voice.

Giulia has performed the classic Adagio (as recorded by Lara Fabian and many other artists). She has also sung Caruso, another famous classical song.

In the pop style Giulia has recorded Out Here On My Own by Irene Cara. She can adapt to the pop and classical genres beautifully.

Giulia’s most recent recording and video was for a Christmas song, Someday At Christmas, by Stevie Wonder.

You can listen to Giulia with her interpretations of Caruso and Out Here On My Own below.

Source: ESC Covers