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Follow Efi Gjika’s journey from her selection and participation at Junior Eurovision 2018 to present day.

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Efi Gjika ‘Dance Monkey’

2018 Junior Eurovision contestant Efi Gjika who has been in and out of the studio all year, released one final song for 2020 on her YouTube channel earlier today.

Efi has already released a number of new original songs this year including ‘Take my hand’ and most recently  ‘Christmas magic’, as well as several cover songs including Ava Max ‘Salt and Andra Day ‘Rise up’

Her latest song, a cover of  ‘Dance Monkey’ perfectly suits Efi’s playful vocal style and is a great addition to her growing repertoire.

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Efi Gjika releases her fun new festive song ‘Christmas Magic’


Efi Gjika is back with her brand new festive song called Christmas Magic. It is a fun packed upbeat song and just what we need to get us in to the holidays spirit.

Christmas Magic is composed by Jenny Jonas (lyrics) and produced by Vox Productions.

The cool music video features Efi singing with her friends in the band. The are having a lot of fun. The band are Doen (drums), Xhoja and Ani (keyboards), Deni (bass) and Emeda (percussion). The video is courtesy of PROVIDEO and the scenography is by Prosound. Efi also thanks her Mom for styling and Dad for production.

Efi represented Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Barbie. She has since released more hits songs and music videos.

You can see the official video clip for Christmas Magic below. The song is available to purchase or stream via most digital stores such as Spotify, Amazon and many more.

Source: ESC Covers

Efi Gjika releases her new inspirational song ‘Take My Hand’

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Efi Gjika returns with her brand new uplifting song entitled Take My Hand. It is a contemporary and anthemic pop track that showcases Efi’s increasingly mature and clear vocal talent.

Take My Hand is composed by Devox @VOX Production and Jenny Jonnas.

Efi says there is a strong youth message in the lyrics of Take Your Hand – “This is a strong message that comes from deep within my heart and I hope all of my supporters feel the same way. Bullying is an issue that is spread all around the globe. At some point in our life, we have all been affected by it. It breaks my heart that there are people who would intentionally cause discomfort to other people. It breaks my heart that people become bystanders, out of fear of becoming the victim of bullying.. I am using my voice for all the kids, teenagers, people who can’t speak up. When you feel like no one understands and no one is there for you, I will be there for you. And when you feel like there is no hope for tomorrow and things are never going to change, know that everything will be okay”.

Efi represented Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Barbie and she has since gone on to release several hit songs and music videos such as Stand UpHappy BirthdaySummer Days and Cool Kids. She has also recorded cool cover versions of Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) and Salt (Ava Max).

You can hear Take My Hand below. The track is available to stream via digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.

Source: ESC Covers


Efi Gjika officially releases Barbie (Remix)


Efi Gjika has officially released a remix of Barbie, the song that she represented Albania with at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Belarus.

Efi has since recorded several successful songs and music videos since Junior Eurovision including Happy Birthday, Summer Days and Cool Kids. She has also recorded first class covers of Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) and Salt (Ava Max).

Barbie (Remix) is available to purchase or stream via most digital stores.

You can see Efi performing a remix of Barbie below and also her cover of Salt.

Source: ESC Covers

Efi Gjika releases cover of ‘Rise Up’

Efi Gjika who represented Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision with ‘Barbie’ shows off her vocal talents on her latest cover video ‘Rise up’

The song was voted for by her Instagram fans as the one they would most like to see Efi cover and earlier this week Efi released the video on YouTube.

Showcasing her maturing vocal talents, the song is an impressive cover of the original by Andra Day

Former Junior Eurovision contestants release round-up


Several former recent Junior Eurovision stars have been busy lately with a slew of new releases.

2018 contestants Efi Gjika and Darina Krasnovetska  have both recently released cover versions of popular songs:

Aug 1st saw Efi Gjika drop a slick new video for her fun cover of Ava Max ‘Salt’ on her YouTube channel and a week earlier Darina Krasnovetska showcased her hugely impressive vocal talents with a cover of the Lady Gaga/Bradley Walsh song ‘Shallow’

2019 contestant Melanie has also been busy with the release of her new song ‘Grita Conmigo’

Also from 2019, Sophia Ivanko (Sophy Ivy), followed up the release of her impressive debut album with a live stream performance of the whole album.


Efi Gjika releases brand new single and music video for ‘Stand Up’


Efi Gjika returns with her brand new song entitled Stand Up. The song is about ‘standing up’ and don’t back down and keep believing and keep on dreaming! This song shows a sensitive and soulful side to Efi and her vocals and music.

Stand Up is composed by Winnie Sofia from the USA. The orchestral music is courtesy of Dan Korshunov from Russia. Recording and mastering is by Sokol Marsi in Albania.

The music video for Stand Up is beautifully shot in Albania by the sea and in the lakes and mountainside.

Special thanks also to Gerti Ibra for video and photo and Pro Video for the studio. The backing vocalists are Sara and Luna. The styling and clothing is by Hristina Gjika and the production by Kliton Gjika.

Efi represented Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Barbie. She has since recorded several hit songs and video clips.

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You can see the music video for Stand Up below.

Source: ESC Covers