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Gallery: Beautiful photoshoot of Dalita and her birthday celebration

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Dalita has released a special photoshoot to celebrate her 21st birthday. The photos are exquisite and beautiful and charming. A special thanks to Boyajyan Production.

Dalita Avanessian has had hit songs and music videos in Armenia. She is also a successful actress, tv presenter and model. She represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Welcome To Armenia.

You can see the beautiful gallery of photos below.

Source: ESC Covers

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‘Bari Peri’ song by Dalita released from ‘Yes sirum em qez’ movie soundtrack

Dalita and Armen Virabyan
Dalita and Armen Virabyan

The song Bari Peri (Fairy Godmother) by Dalita has been released from the forthcoming ‘Yes sirum em qez’ (I love you) movie original soundtrack.

Bari Peri is an elegant ballad with charming orchestration sung beautifully by Dalita. The song is composed by Armen Virabyan, Gayane Danielyan and David Javadyan.

Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and has since blossomed in to a much respected all round singer, model and tv presenter.

You can see the video for Bari Peri below. The ‘Yes sirum em qez’ movie is released on 4 April.

Source: ESC Covers; ArmDreams



Armenia: ArmDreams to present a new movie ‘YES SIRUM EM QEZ’

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ArmDreams will release a new move on 4 April called ‘Yes sirum em qez‘ (I Love You). It is an exciting project that features some familiar faces and the soundtrack will feature some top Armenian singers including Dalita, who represented and Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and has since gone on to become a popular and established singer, model and actress and tv presenter.

The film consists of five love stories centred in the capital city of Yerevan. The stories will be a combination of romantic and some tragedy and comedy elements.  Armen Virabyan has composed the music for the movie. There will be some familiar names to readers of ESC Covers from Armenia.

ESC Covers will be bringing you more about the movie and music soundtrack in the coming days.

You can see a trailer for the movie below.

Photos@ArmDreams; facebook.com/dalita.avanessian

Source: ESC Covers; ArmDreams

Dalita wins Best Young Singer prize at the Armenia Artsakh Diaspora awards …and she does Festive Holiday photoshoot

Dalita {copyright: shamshyan.com}
Dalita {copyright: shamshyan.com}

Dalita has recently won the Best Young Singer prize at the Armenia Artsakh Diaspora awards. She has been a busy girl with many singing performances and tv presenting work as well as maintaining her important studies at university.

Dalita will also be on the important New Year celebration show on Armenia tv. ESC Covers will bring you more about this in the coming days.

In the meantime Dalita has produced a beautiful photoshoot for the New Year and Christmas festive holidays. You can see some of her charming photos below.

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Let us check out Dalita performing at a New Year show for the start of 2018 below.

Source: ESC Covers

Dalita & Mika were the commentators for Armenia for the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Dalita & Mika {copyright: facebook/com/dalita.avanessian}
Dalita & Mika {copyright: facebook.com/dalita.avanessian}

Dalita and Mika  were the co-commentators of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Armenia on Sunday.

Whilst we wait for new music projects from Dalita she has been busy with some presentations on tv, and, of course, she combines this with her busy studies.

Dalita also co-presented the 2018 Depi Mankakan Evratesil shows back in September with Mika. Together they also got the chance to sing at the shows.

Dalita & Mika did a medley of their hit Junior Eurovision songs. Dalita started with her song Welcome To Armenia from the 2011 JESC and Mika then did Love from the 2015 JESC.

Let us look back at the great performance of Dalita & Mika of Welcome To Armenia / Love.

Source: ESC Covers

Armenia: Watch again Dalita perform her song ‘Keep Calm and Just Dance’

Dalita {copyright: Blog News photography}
Dalita {copyright: Blog News photography}

ESC Covers reported in November 2017 that Dalita performed at the good luck and farewell show at the new RIO mall in Yerevan, Armenia, for Misha to go to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She performed Keep Calm and Just Dance.

Let us look at another performance of Dalita performing this upbeat and catchy song. This time the performance was at a New Year show.

Coming soon is an exciting duet by Dalita of a classic Eurovision song.

You can see Dalita perform Keep Calm and Just Dance below.

Source: ESC Covers

Gallery: Dalita’s beautiful new photoshoot for Fashion 21

Dalita {copyright:  Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan}
Dalita {copyright: Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan}

Dalita is the beautiful and talented singer, model, actress and tv personality from Armenia. She has just done a beautiful photoshoot in association with Fashion 21 tv show.

You can see some of the amazing photos here.

Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Listen out soon for an exciting collaboration by Dalita of a Eurovision popular winning song.

Photos copyright of Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan

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Listen to some music highlights from Children of Orchestra tv show featuring Dalita

Dalita {copyright: new.am style}
Dalita {copyright: new.am style}

ESC Covers recently told you about the new tv project by the charming Armenian singer, Dalita. The show is called Children of Orchestra. It is a musical sitcom for teenagers and children. The show is a production by ArmStars and Ucom.

You can see some video highlights of the show below.

Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Welcome To Armenia.

Mery, Dalita, Anahit {copyright: ArmStar.am/YouTube}
copyright: ArmStar.am/YouTube

The show also features Anahit Adamyan, who was part of a duo singing for Armenia at the 2016 JESC and Mery Qocharyan, another young and talented singer, as well as many other young singers with lots of talent.