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Gallery: Beautiful photoshoot of Dalita and her birthday celebration

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Dalita has released a special photoshoot to celebrate her 21st birthday. The photos are exquisite and beautiful and charming. A special thanks to Boyajyan Production.

Dalita Avanessian has had hit songs and music videos in Armenia. She is also a successful actress, tv presenter and model. She represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Welcome To Armenia.

You can see the beautiful gallery of photos below.

Source: ESC Covers

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Gallery: 2019 Vidbir national final (Ukraine)

MARUV{copyright: ESC Covers/Eliana Goncharova/STB/UA:PBC}
MARUV{copyright: ESC Covers/Eliana Goncharova/STB/UA:PBC}

Here is a gallery of photos from the 2019 Vidbir national selection for Ukraine.

Guests included Bilal Hassani (2019 ESC France) and Jamala (2016 ESC Ukraine – winner).

Since this final events have been overtaken by the unfortunate news that the WINNER will not now take part at Eurovision.

Photos courtesy of Eliana Goncharova for ESC Covers.

Source: ESC Covers; STB/UA:PBC

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Gallery: Dalita’s beautiful new photoshoot for Fashion 21

Dalita {copyright:  Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan}
Dalita {copyright: Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan}

Dalita is the beautiful and talented singer, model, actress and tv personality from Armenia. She has just done a beautiful photoshoot in association with Fashion 21 tv show.

You can see some of the amazing photos here.

Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Listen out soon for an exciting collaboration by Dalita of a Eurovision popular winning song.

Photos copyright of Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan

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Gallery: 2018 Eurofest – Belarus national selection

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Here is a photo story of the events at the 2018 Eurofest national selection in Belarus.

Alekseev took the trophy and will represent Belarus with Forever at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal in May.

The 2016 Belarussian participants Naviband kicked off the show. The presenters included Teo who sang Cheesecake for Belarus in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest


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Gallery: Take a look at Tako from The Virus and her photoshoot


Tako is a member of the successful Georgian group, The Virus. They took part in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with their song Gabede. Tako’s mother has designed a teen brand called .wearme. Tako is the teens line Modelface.

Check out Tako’s photoshoot below and also relive The Virus at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and their performance of Gabede.

Source: ESC Covers

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Gallery: Naviband concert in Belarus

Naviband {copyright: Eliana Goncharova}
Naviband {copyright: Eliana Goncharova}

Naviband will represent Belarus at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with Historyja majho žyccia. This week they played a special concert in Gomel in Belarus. Eliana Goncharova was their to experience the concert and also make these special photos for ESC Covers.

Photos copyright@Eliana Goncharova

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