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Ten or so years ago, Rudi Claase started the ONS LIEFLINGE concept – a male-female duo. His first female duet partner was CORLEA and they brought out two CD’s. Once they parted ways, Rudi brought in ZITA and one CD was made. Their ways parted as well and then he teamed up with CHARNE and this is their first CD. It is a double CD with CD 1 featuring Afrikaans songs and CD 2 featuring English songs.

On the English CD is two EUROVISION covers. The first is COME WHAT WAY, the winning Eurovision song from Luxembourg 1972 which Vicky Leandros sang as Apres toi in French. The second is IN LOVE WITH YOU,the Dutch 1984 entry which Maribelle sang as Ik hou van jou in Dutch. Both songs have been covered several times before – both in English and in Afrikaans.

There are also two EURO related songs on the CD – I HAVE A DREAM of ABBA and WE’RE GONNA STAY TOGETHER of Vicky Leandros and Tony Christie.

The ONS LIEFLINGE is a good concept but not all songs in the double CD have been made to be sung in duet.



Charne and Lume ( LUNA) are both individual singers who came together through their love of music. Lume has released her debut album 100 000 Love Songs available on itunes last year through Muse Productions where she worked with Hugo Ludik from the popular Afrikaans band ADAM and the famous Vaughan Gardiner. She is performing all over SA on every major festival such as KKNK and AARDKLOP and has had various radio interviews on Groot FM and Waterberg Stereo to name a few. She will be releasing her next single Reenboog in the coming months. Charne has also been singing for many years and has been actively involved in the music industry performing on some of the biggest stages in SA. She has also been a part of professional Musical productions and has had interviews with Pretoria Fm and Radio Pulpit on various projects she has been involved in .Through friendship and their love of music these two talented ladies came together and staged the show Country Hearts that recently ran at the Barnyard Theater and are planning a series of shows for 2018 throughout SA. They will be covering the Netherlands song Light and Shadows with the Afrikaans title Lig en Skadus. They call themselves LUNA