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A special mention for Grigol Kipshidze and his backing vocalists on stage for Georgia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision


Grigol Kipshidze recently gave an amazing performance for Georgia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with his beautiful and soulful song Voice Of The Heart. He charmed many people with his outstanding show and pure and silk like vocals.

Grigol was joined on stage by four charming and talented young girls who gave such a sweet performance also. The girls were Anastasia Altunashvili, Dea Nalbandishvili, Taisia Koridze and Kato Phkhakadze.

ESC Covers congratulates Grigol and his beautiful girls on a memorable performance and we think all of them have a big future ahead in the music business.

You can see performance by Grigol and the girls of Voice Of The Heart below.

Source: ESC Covers