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ESC Covers at Melodifestivalen 2017 – Part II

Guest editor, Dennis Flores from the United States of America, has had the opportunity to attend the Final of Melodifestivalen 2017, the Swedish selection for its Eurovision 2017 entry.

In a special three-part series, Dennis will be reporting from Friends Arena in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

With Robin Bengtsson being crowned as Sweden’s champion, in this second installment, we look back at all 28 competing entries and Dennis provides his thoughts on which songs would be the most interesting to hear a cover version in another language.


In order to help pick out the best entries, Dennis has decided to pick five songs out of all competing songs from this year’s edition of Melodifestivalen. He has chosen one song from each of the Semi-Finals and one more as a wildcard.

Semi-Final 1: “Hold On” by Nano

This song was revealed to be the Swedish public’s favourite song that competed in the Final. The mixture of different genres and gradual build-up and gospel-inspired elements make the song uplifting and strong. The song’s lyrics are simple enough that it could be easily translated into other languages and not have the meaning of the song vary.


Semi-Final 2: “I Don’t Give A” by Lisa Ajax

I believe the edited/non-explicit version of this song makes this contemporary mid-tempo pop song more approachable and radio-friendly. This song would be best paired with an artist who performs with a little attitude and flair and would most likely appeal to a young audience.


Semi-Final 3: “Crucified” Bella & Filippa

Having both singers singing in unison throughout the song’s entirety creates a magical effect for this country pop duet. With simple lyrics and a universal theme about falling in love, this song could easily be covered in numerous languages while appealing to a broad and diverse audience.


Semi-Final 4: “As I Lay Me Down” by Wiktoria

Another fan favourite, this upbeat country pop song, would appeal to a large audience as well. Lyrically, this would be more complex than the other songs as there are a lot of lines of text. However, it definitely remains a candidate for a cover song as it has proven its popularity with an audience, and has progression and variation between verses and chorus.


Wild Card: “Amare” by Adrijana

I think this R&B mid-tempo song would be unique to hear in another language. Being in Swedish, yet having simple lyrics, this song could be adjusted to be performed to fit any language. Stepping away from the typical Swedish pop beat, this could be the perfect song for an artist looking for a more urban sound.



The FIRST HEAT took place in Goteborg on 4 February 2017. Here are the results

Straight to the final

  • Nano – “Hold On”
  • Ace Wilder – “Wild Child”

Have to fight out in Second chance

  • Boris René – “Her Kiss”
  • De Vet Du – “Road Trip”

Gone home

Dinah Nah – “One More Night”

Adrijana – “Amare”

Charlotte Perrelli – “Mitt liv”


FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF SEMI FINAL 1 in the Swedish selection

Fans have been able to listen for approximately one minute each to the 7 songs in the first semi final.
I was not impressed with any of the 7 songs after hearing them for the first time – there is no instant hit for me.
Here is my rankings
Not at all my kind of music
Expected more of this song from seeing the title
Was hoping for a catchy boy band song and hearing about the car on stage, but the song is not really for me
This is too wild but I guess it will win this semi final
3rd – NANO
Nice song but I expected a stronger voice
Not a bad song, but quite slow, maybe it is because I expected a faster song from her like “Take me to your heaven” and “Hero”. Surprised it is last in the voting so far
She looks nice and the song is typical pop

1-semi final 1