Morten Thomassen again looked at the second chance show in Sweden and rated the 8 songs competing. By now we know which four songs qualified for the final, but due to a full program and load shedding on ESC Covers side, we could google translate it only now and publish it.

This year, this show, which has been called the last chance by our Swedish friends, feels more wasted than ever, because most people have already given the victory trophy to Loreen with her 78% chance of winning a week before the final takes place.

But, the Swedes are true to their concept and let 8 songs have the chance to fight for the last 4 final places, whatever takes it will have a nice experience next weekend, I think.

Melody 1 – Theoz 

The evening starts with a charmer with a fairly danceable song. This is vocal within all the time there is so much dancing. But, the song itself is pretty standard and there’s nothing here that we haven’t seen before. And three minutes was a bit too long for the vocal cords, it turned out.


Melody 2 – Mariette 

Here they must have done something with the lighting, now I feel that the artist and thus also the song stand out more. And then it also got better in my eyes, it’s sung well, I love the melancholic undertones and there is a power in the performance that matches the song.


Melody 3 – Victor Crone 

As expected, fairly flawless vocals from this case and otherwise there is not much to complain about when it comes to the performance, it is decent and quite nice. The problem for me is that I find the song so bland and boring that I just wait for it to be over.


Tune 4 – Tennessee Tears 

Another visually gorgeous number and another number where the performing artists deliver the goods vocally and they have the charm needed for this type of song. But, it doesn’t help much with me all the time and this song also falls into the category of boring and predictable, although in more beautiful packaging than the previous song.


Melody 5 – Elov & Beny 

They have party music in this country too and with this type it helps that the artists are charming and I think these guys are. It is sung perfectly well and the performance becomes a party on stage. All in all, this will be a song where the mood of the song comes out on stage and then you have to be happy.


Melody 6 – Melanie Wehbe 

The song with the nicest opening tonight, but when it’s about to take off I fall a little off. I’m still bothered by a little too much smiling in such a serious song and that the vocals become a little straining at times. The song itself seems to me to have a little too little going on and then it’s just OK then.


Melody 7 – Nordman 

The vocalist has a distinctive voice and it actually fits like a glove on this type of song. Vocals are great and strong and I think the song can be characterized as that too. Could possibly have been an idea that there was more happening on stage than just the two guys standing there alone.


Melody 8 – Kiana 

Has the lady read my blog, now she actually sings much better than the last time we heard her. And then this immediately becomes a song that rises many notches and when a performance that seems a bit innovative is thrown in, this becomes very much the same. And the voice lasted almost to the end.


Those who went on were to be Nordman, Theoz, Kiana and Mariette, which was perhaps not a big surprise if you ask me.

Then it’s probably just a matter of looking forward to another great Swedish final next weekend with a big winner-favourite already.

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