ESC Covers once again used google translate to get the reports of Morten Thomassen from Norway from Norwegian to English.


Then we are ready for party, fun and lots of hefty rhythms from one Romano country and not one Latino country. If it goes well, you may be wondering and the answer is that it goes quite well, but this does not quite work out. Unfortunately, our Romanian friend does not have the fierce Latin look and power such a song demands.


River drama from our Polish friend and here the water tap really turns on. It’s been a while since anyone thought the whole scene would collapse under the floodwaters, but luckily it’s mostly TV effects. It is sung very well and with a lot of empathy, almost too much of the good in the last area.


We are definitely in the dramatic part of this year’s second semifinal. More drama and another song dressed in the blue light which is the color that has to work the most this year. It is delivered perfectly vocally, the song is really nice, but it is made boring by a slightly incomprehensible performance.


Then a young Belgian guy will try to get some speed in the hall after some more down-to-earth songs. He should have for the experiment, it sits vocally and what happens on stage is youthful and fit uplifting. But, here is not possessed the experience and strength of the performance such a song requires.


One of this year’s favorites is on fire and it happens in a very bumpy way. They have major problems with the sound and it takes a few tries before she finally gets to start her performance herself with still problems. What she does on stage is outstanding and with so much empathy that I get a little put out.

Czech Republic

Last song out and we end with a bang. And what a bang this was. Here, the audience will finally be moved and they are guaranteed to do so. Absolutely decent vocals on this super-catchy song and very cool that 2/3 of the group is Norwegian. I think we will get the third Norwegian song for the final.

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