Morten Thomassen from Norway did his comments on the second rehearsals in Norwegian for his blog and ESC Covers google translated it into English to use.


Then we go over to the department for really great drama and you can breathe a sigh of relief that it does not go over and becomes too stupid. This guy has full control over the vocals and also saves a little in some parts as smart artists like to do. This is magnificent in the magnificent way.


Then we go to the nation that has participated the most times without winning and I think they will probably keep that title for another year. Likes the ethnicity of the song, but that’s where it stops. The lady seems cold and a little morning grumpy and the delicious atmosphere in the songs is quite absent, too bad we could have needed this warmth.


Finally, there was some life on the morning twig and it is our Irish friend who is responsible for that delivery. In fact, she seems to deliver this song quite well and that it oozes the right amount of girl-power here. Vocally it is also inside, you can hope that this party on stage takes her to the final.

Northern Macedonia

Then we will go over to the department for great songs that will take off presented by an artist who will carry the entire show all alone. And as so many times before, the artist can not do it for granted, it is sprinkled with empathy and strength in the song, but this does not quite catch on. There is a tameness here that overshadows it all.


Finally a happy song that gives us the good feeling and you get a really nice sex tri-feeling from this. Vocally it delivers at the top and this guy clearly knows how to charm into a TV screen. This will create a really nice atmosphere in the hall, I can guarantee that.

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