Morten Thomassen has been at his post to review the second rehearsals of 5 more countries from semi final 2. ESC Covers used google translate to get it to English from Norwegian.


Finally, the health service will shine on an ESC stage. After several years with a lot of focus on just this to stay clean, it is no wonder that there had to be a song about this. The song itself has an evocative rhythm that I simply love. Cool performance. ESC Covers call it their Covid song.


Then we will calm down something so totally, this is very stripped down so basically a very nice song. But, I can not quite get into the story that is told here. You never get in touch with the artist on stage so you lose a lot of the story he is trying to tell.


So over to a song for those particularly interested I would argue. It’s a catchy song, but I guess I’m not quite captivated then. It will be very strange and untraditional what happens on stage and most people will probably fall off long before the song is finished. But, festive costumes they should have all the credit for.


Next we are going on a trip to gospel land. Can our Maltese friends get us in the hallelujah mood? Well, the singer does not quite manage it in my opinion, does not quite get the feeling that this is something that should catch me. Being a little without charm and a little daft, I’m scared. Vocally, it is not quite on top either.

San Marino

The evening report ends with this season’s toughest song definitely. Here it is a full rock run from end to end and it is not entirely out of the question that many will compare this with last year’s winning song from Italy. Unfortunately, the stage show gets very messy if it lacks a bit of purpose and meaning, I think now. And we do not get a strip show.

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