What better way to start 2016 than with WATERLOO by ABBA, the 1974 Eurovision winner and the first Swedish winner. Many of you played their HAPPY NEW YEAR yesterday – I did not but heard it no less than 4 times on the radio.

This song set the tone for Swedish success at Eurovision and it is no surprise it is among our club’s top 12. It is also the oldest entry to have made it. As we are heading for Stockholm in May, we will interact with Abba songs a lot and even attend the ABBA museum,


2 thoughts on “R O W TOP 12 SONGS – WATERLOO”

  1. I used the German version as picture since we were in a German speaking country (Austria) for Eurovision 2015.

  2. No surprises here! If this one failed to make it I really would have been surprised. I mean come on, such an influential band. They were big in Europe and became big in Australia and the world.

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