Morten Thomassen looks at another candidate in the third semi final of the 2023 Norwegian Eurovision selection. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Every now and then an artist gets the chance to debut as just that on such a big stage as an MGP broadcast actually is.

I’m not quite sure how smart it is, it can actually go either way, but being the decent guy that I am, I hope it goes the right way for Tiril and her song “Break It”.

Here we are served a fragile and beautiful song that builds up to something strong, powerful and magnificent, a not unknown structure in pop songs.

And you quickly realize that behind this song are experienced pop carpenters.

As the unknown artist Tiril is, there will always be an uncertainty as to whether she will be able to deliver live when it comes down to it, but you have to assume that NRK has done the quality check for us.

If the goods are delivered, this could be very grand and something I would be blown away by.

If it doesn’t work enough, instead the song falls to the ground and gets nowhere in this competition.

I therefore have an expectant attitude towards this song at the present time and hope for the best for both the song and the artist.

Photo credits – NRK

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