Today Morten Thomassen looked at the chances of a singer with African roots and see if she can make it to the final in the Norwegian 2023 Eurovision selection.  ESC Covers again google translated it to English from Norwegian.

We love that artists return to our beloved competition and when they maintain such a high level as Akuvi does, my door is wide open.

“Triumph” is exactly the kind of song this competition needs, fierce exotic rhythms with a clear influence from where the artist has parts of his origins, in this case Ghana.

The fact that the second half of the origin is northern Norwegian only shows that some mixtures are pure fairytale mixtures.

In general, I think that the breadth of genres this year is not very large and then you just have to applaud extra for those who are at the musical extremes this year.

Akuvi or Beatrice Akuvi Hosen Kumordzie, as she is actually called, probably got her breakthrough with most people in many ways when she was directly qualified for the final in 2020.

This year she has to fight for a place in the final and it wouldn’t surprise me if she managed it.

But, it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t do it either, unfortunately we Norwegians haven’t quite got the feel for fierce numbers in MGP yet.

Should we bet on North-Norwegian-African girl-power to break that trend?

Photo credit – NRK

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