Morten Thomassen from Norway gives  his impressions on semi final 1 of the 2022 Eurovision song contest . He did it in Norwegian and ESC Covers used google translate to get it to English.

The show starts with a little adventure and continues with a rather unusual musical instrument. Then the party really starts, here an atmosphere will be created in the hall. Maybe it’s just me, but this was a little long.

Just over 8 minutes into the broadcast, we finally get to see this year’s hosts who will guide us through three broadcasts. They have to go through the usual homework that must be explained every year and it always takes a few minutes, but they are pretty quick then. My dice rolls are based on the overall impression of the song.

Melody 1 – Albania – Dice roll 3

The rule that a hefty song should start the show has not been abandoned this year. And this lady certainly does not save on gunpowder. Can not remember having seen a more sexualized show before in ESC. Unfortunately, all the action on stage makes something suffer and that’s the vocals. There’s a little too much screaming and far too little good vocals I’m afraid. Some got enough over-ignition here.

Melody 2 – Latvia – Roll the dice 4

Our Latvian friends continue the party and this is pretty much more classy than what we just saw. White boys can actually play funk whenever they want and they do this with quite a lot of humor and festive energy on stage. Swings do that too and the vocals are completely inside considering that they move so much. If charm counts, this should give them a place in the finals.

Melody 3 – Lithuania – Dice roll 6

If the previous contribution was classy in the party way, we raise the classy level many notches on this contribution that probably had most belonged at a cool jazz club. The lady shines on stage and she has a cool voice that shines in her very sexy way of singing. My hope is that just as many people can be seduced by this, they actually deserve a place in the finals.

Melody 4 – Switzerland – Roll the dice 4

Then it’s time to calm down completely. But, calming down should still not mean that you go almost in black and make it all quite boring. This is an absolutely beautiful melody, but I feel that the artist is not quite able to sell the story in the song. There is little vocal to postpone, but as I said, I am unfortunately not as affected as I should have been by this, a pity the song deserved better.

Melody 5 – Slovenia – Dice roll 2

Then come the ones I have the choice to call the confirmation guys. They should have because they got two weeks off from school, but a really quite charming song is missing just that. Five young handsome men who probably do the best they can, but here you see why it uses to be a good idea to send experienced artists to ESC. Decent vocals, they should have, but otherwise three pretty forgettable minutes.

Melody 6 – Ukraine – Roll the dice 6

This year’s definitely biggest favorites and I can understand that. With me, they do not get sympathy points, simply because I like the song so much that they do not need it to score high with me. There is the celebration, energy, melancholy and touching tribute to his mother in a very good mix. Here I think the hall will take off completely and these guys deserve it. Actually sitting with a small tear in the corner of my eye now.

Melody 7 – Bulgaria – Roll the dice 4

Here comes Pelle Parafin’s Wave Band, you think for a second before you realize that it is this year’s contribution from this country – This can best be described as straight forward rhythmic rock, such music will probably never be the most original of what you listen. But, with such good vocals as we are served here, this rock most people can actually find to like quite as good.

Melody 8 – The Netherlands – Roll the dice 3

Another song where it is sung in your local language. It is toned down properly and this toning is not particularly lucky as I see it. Super strong song with strong vocal efforts notwithstanding, this then becomes too dark for many to be captured by this. It brightens a little towards the end, it is asked if not many then have fallen off the load, a beautiful song notwithstanding.

Melody 9 – Moldova – Roll the dice 5

A more festive train ride than this you will hardly ever come up with. These guys are having a party for the third time on an ESC stage and it should not surprise me much if they also want to go to the finals for the third time. Here it is sprayed with so much energy and joy of life that one has to wonder if anyone has taken an overdose of cod liver oil in recent days. Bras vocals top it all.

Melody 10 – Portugal – Dice roll 5

The only artist who posed for a turquoise runner with a bandage, no wonder since one of the delegation was infected. The music that is performed is not to get sick of, I would almost say that this is a type of music that is healing. You can literally feel the heat in the song in the performance and now it’s finally there for the girls on stage. Super-comfortable vocals also pull up here, more such music every so kind.

Melody 11 – Croatia – Dice roll 3

We all probably have some songs we strictly speaking should not like our general taste in music taken into account, but which we still love. I’m afraid that if it’s this year’s Croatian artist hopes to happen to her song, there’s a chance she’s disappointed. Everything about this song is probably just fine, and if there is one thing that does not work in this circus, it is probably perfectly fine. Quite forgettable unfortunately.

Melody 12 – Denmark – Dice roll 3

First Nordic issue out this year. Would it be nice to be Danish in Italy I guess? Is probably unfortunately not quite sure about exactly that. I like the calm start of the song, but then I fall off a bit when the song is supposed to take off. Then this will be a colorful, but still pale sort of copy of last year’s rock victory. This lacks the attitude a rock song should have, they are too constructed and seem not very real. Sings well then.

Melody 13 – Austria – Roll the dice 3

Then invite our Austrian friends to a party and basically this is an invitation you would probably say yes to. But, in the vocal door, obviously someone who can sing such a song has been properly denied entry. And she who then got to sing is probably unfortunately not quite the lady for that task. Slim and at times sour vocals pull very down and then it does not help that the DJ desperately tries to excite the audience,

Melody 14 – Iceland – Dice roll 4

Another Nordic country, the one that is far out in the ocean gap you know. Such music after the previous song actually became a liberation now. Beautiful polyphonic song in Icelandic, rare language to listen to music in, stupid because it is a lyrical language that works musically. Impeccable vocals and three girls who have learned to charm into a TV screen. And sometimes you can go very far with just charm.

Melody 15 – Greece – Roll the dice 6

This year’s first Norwegian song and probably the first time only Norwegians have been the author of a song from another country. And if the Export Council is to give a price for quality goods, then this song deserves it. For a delivery of this dramatic song, fantastic vocals that also pull up, here you see how a dramatic song should be delivered on a TV screen. Think both countries of origin of this girl will be proud now.

Melody 16 – Norway – Roll the dice 6

A snow-lined lake is our postcard from and our wolves appear on the mountainside there. The already well-known stage show is rock solid and you feel that a lot of energy is spread in the hall during this song. If the party has not started in the hall before now, it will at least start now. This was also steady vocally so all in all a very good performance. Find the final banana you.

Melody 17 – Armenia – Dice roll 4

Strangely enough, you end this semifinal with a relatively calm song, it’s probably due to the huge stage rig the lady has with her. The napkin room may be called the room by many, but it now works on TV then. The song itself is of the pleasant kind and it is sung perfectly well so all in all a song that will probably please so many that she should get her work permit extended to the weekend.

Otherwise, I never cease to marvel at how bland breakouts can be made. Not that there is anything wrong with either music or artists being performed, but would it not have been better if the countries that are directly qualified in the final had had their song shown instead?

And I do not let myself stop wondering why it should take well over half an hour before you can reveal which 10 songs go to the final, should you think you used a good old-fashioned fax machine to send in each country’s result and abacus to count the points.

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