Listen to the sound of Zere Amirbekova from Kazakhstan

Zere Amirbekova
Zere Amirbekova

Zere Amirbekova is a promising young singer and musician from Kazakhstan. She took part in the 2018 Kazakhstan Junior Eurovision national selection and has several clips on YouTube.

It was Qos qanat (Double wing) Zere performed in Kazakh national final. She recently graduated from violin and music school.

Zere has recorded and performed Dramy bolshe net (There is no more drama) by Polina Gagarina.

Zere has composed three new songs at home and will record and release them after this current world health crisis. She will also record a song that she did in 2018 entitled Hero with English lyrics.

You can see Zere and her music videos of Dramy bolshe net, Flamin Hot Cheetos by Clairo, Attention by Joji and also her performance of Qos qanat at the 2018 Kazakhstan Junior Eurovision final.

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