To the Head of TV Entertainment – Turkey

Surely no other country gives Eurovision more credibility in its goal of bringing people together than Turkey – a country that has spent its entire existence as a bridge for bringing people together. Turkey is often seen as the link between East and West and Europe and Asia. It is the crossroads, and it seems important to me that we get to hear music from this part of the world. Turkish music can blend the infectious pulse of pop with a traditional arrangement that springs from its ancient well. And please don’t try and convince me that any other dancers can dance as well as the Turkish women. They swirl and weave their own unique blend of magic on stage! There is so much exuberance and feeling. I have trouble staying in my seat when Turkish pop music is playing!

I have been captivated since 2003 when Turkey won with ” Every way that I can” and I would like to implore the Head of TV Entertainment in Turkey to advocate strongly for taking an entrant to Stockholm for Eurovision in 2016. Our world needs to become more connected and not lose music that can bring people together in celebration and joy.

Yours faithfully,

M S – A fan from Australia

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