Following the successful INFE Eurovision polls over the last five years, the INFE Network is holding for a sixth consecutive year its Eurovision 2022 poll in collaboration with the old time classic eurovision site of ESCTodaywith the eighth set of results coming from Belarus.

A total of 21 sets of votes will make up this year’s poll with fans across Europe, Australia and rest of the world casting their votes. The 6th edition of the INFE Poll continues with the votes coming from Belarus.

Lets go and take a look how the Belarusian fans have voted:

1 point goes to Austria
2 points go to Ireland
3 points go to Czech Republic
4 points go to Estonia
5 points go to Finland
6 points go to San Marino
7 points go to Portugal
8 points go to Italy
10 points go to Ukraine
12 points go to…………. Norway

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