Get your own music NFT of ‘Loin d’ici’ by ZOË with other opportunities possible

ZOË had a massive fan favourite song at the 2016 Eurovision with Loin d’ici for Austria. Now you can obtain your own music NFT for the song.

Now everybody has the chance to own a share of the popular hit ESC song by ZOË, including royalties from all it’s versions for 70 years.

Global Rockstar are behind the innovative idea where you can own a share in the songs of your favourite artists, and participate in the revenues from streams, downloads, radio plays, TV, CDs, live performances and advertising deals. 

You purchase Music NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) of a song on Global Rockstar. NFTs are digitally protected objects based on blockchain technology that cannot be copied or replaced, digital certificates of authenticity, so to speak.

You do not need crypto-currencies nor blockchain knowledge to purchase Music NFTs on Global Rockstar, even the crypto wallet is provided in a user-friendly way. The shares of ZOË’s “Loin d’ici” are available starting today. Be quick! First come, first served.

You participate in all revenues of all versions of Loin d’ici for the term of copyright (70 years). The song has proven to generate stable revenues since 2016 – these will flow as long as the ESC exists and as long as the community celebrates its highlights year after year. Your Music NFT also certifies your ownership of an exclusive cover artwork animation. A true collector’s item that can increase in value.

In the future, you will also be able to trade with your Music NFTs – these tokens are immutable and perfectly traceable, so it is always clear who owns what.  

ZOË will release a 2022 new version of Loin’d’ici in time for ESC next year.Global Rockstar will produce and release a new version of the hit to revive the copyright. Everyone who holds shares will then see the benefits multiply, as they will participate in the revenues of all previous (including acoustic versions and remixes) and new versions.

Check out the official website of Global Rockstar here for more information. In the meantime let us relive ZOË and her amazing live performance of Loin d’ici at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Source: ESC Covers; Global Rockstar

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