ESC Covers got a press release from Stockholm on a new release by LOREEN, who won the 2012 Eurovision song contest with EUPHORIA.

To say that Loreen is one of Sweden’s foremost artists is a clear understatement. Her incredible ability to enchant people, both live and on record, is rare and it was noticed not least during the last season of “So Much Better” this fall. Loreen’s magical performances were definitely one of the highlights when she made her interpretations in Swedish – a hitherto unexplored and exciting side that we had never seen before and which took everyone by storm.

Now Loreen finally comes with new material, the single “Freshwater Tears”, which she has written together with Petter Tarland and Niclas Carson and which will be released today, Friday 26 March.

It’s an intimate song where Loreen describes how it feels when you try to catch up with everything and the frustration that comes when you think you are not enough. Something that most people can probably recognize themselves in. But she also gives us hope, it will get better.

“I start on new things, never get ready and complain, difficult and catch up. I pretend to be strong and brave, but I just want to be weak when no one sees”

“Hard to dare to feel, is far too tired to sleep, It will get better, because it’s just freshwater tears. So dare to feel, it may hurt but I promise, it will get better, because it’s just freshwater tears “

It was when Loreen started working on the interpretations of “So Much Better” that she discovered writing in Swedish gave her an opportunity to be more direct and get closer to her listeners. Inclusion and community have always been two major pillars for Loreen and now it became even easier for her to show in an accurate way that what she wanted to say. The new single is a clear sign of this. The text is naked, honest and it really can not be defended.

“Freshwater tears” is obviously not the only thing in Swedish that we will hear from Loreen in the future. Right now she is sitting in the studio writing full time and more songs are planned to be released in the coming months.

Thanks to Loreen’s unmistakably strong expression and voice, lyrics that grab and touch and melodies that get stuck, we have something very special to look forward to. Until then, we enjoy “Freshwater Tears” on repeat.

“Freshwater Tears” is released via Universal Music and can be listened to  here.


  1. Interesting that Loreen releases a song with the word WATER in as this week is INTERNATIONAL WATER WEEK

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