Today Morten looks at a costume worn in 1968, the first year the Eurovision song contest was broadcast in colour. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Today we are going back to the year the international final was broadcast in color and not entirely unexpectedly it happened in one of the leading countries for television, namely this year’s organizer Great Britain.

The Royal Albert Hall, no less, was the scene of this year’s happening and it is very possible that the actors had thought a lot about what they were going to wear now that everyone saw what color choices they had made.

Up until now, gentlemen who performed had style in suits or tuxedos and very few had failed to deviate from the exact costume path.

We had seen a Scotsman in a kilt, apart from that most of the men drove quite safely, one might say.

I have no idea whether it was the introduction of the aforementioned colours, but in the men’s year 1968 there was a revolution in men’s equipment.

Those who possibly went the farthest were the Yugoslav duo Luci Capurso and Hamo Hajdarhodžić or Dubrovački trubaduri as the group was actually called, but back then groups were simply not allowed in our beloved competition.

Therefore, two of the members got to stand at the front, while the other three got the more sour task as choristers on the side of the stage and together they sang the song “Jedan Dan!” which means “One Day”.

And since they were known for combining pop music and medieval folk tunes it was perhaps not so surprising that they performed in medieval costumes.

A festive little affair of a song this was and crunchy handsome costumes right?

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