1. I’m scratching my head with this one. In the Estonian national final, I loved it. Notably, Juri’s giant stoic face in the background in red. He was so serious, so mysterious, so compelling. This song is a real grower and one of my favorites. In the semi-final, though… I don’t know. Something changed. I felt like he was on the verge of laughing and the serious/mysterious element disappeared. The giant red faces were not present to give intensity. Even the winks seemed creepy (which I didn’t see until I saw the TV performance) Maybe his nerves got the best of him. Ah well, I like the song anyway and think great things are ahead of him.

  2. From the first time that i listened to the Estonian song i didn’t like it, They style of the song even his voice.
    Saw the stage performance live and nothing good about it just a guy walking around on stage and doing his 3 minutes and game set match the night was over for him. After all we all have different taste. I wish i had a remote to fast forward this song

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