1. And now, a Eurovision classic….
    I have a feeling we’ll be hearing this song for a very long time. Very commercial, very current. Donny’s performance was outstanding. He was all over the stage and engaged the audience. Donny reinvented himself and I think it worked. Definitely one of the strongest songs of the evening and one of the best Lithuania has ever produced for Eurovision. Another awesome performance of the night.

  2. This song grew on me more when i saw Donny perform it live for the jury, semis and final shows.
    It’s a good upbeat dance song, Its the type of song that you could listen on radio and not know it’s from Eurovision.
    With a lot of good song for 2016 Lithuania wasn’t in my top ten. But I ve added I ve been waiting for tonight on my itunes playlist

  3. I don’t mind this one. It’s nothing all that remarkable but it is catchy and sometimes that’s all a song needs. And it scored really well for Lithuania.

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