1. Bulgaria welcome back and to Poli too. From the first time i heard the song If Love Was A Crime i liked it as it’s a great dance style tempo song. Poli done a great on stage performance and i liked her glow in the dark custom she was wearing.It would have been good i she had some dancers with her on stage. I know towards the end her back up singers walked up to her and formed a line. A fun fact I didnt see the lyrics to this song and for awhile i have been singing tie me loser, tie me loser instead of oh daj ljubatva lol. Bulgaria placed 3rd fav in my top ten 6points song 2points for the glow custom

  2. My favorite song this year. Hands down. Took me a while to figure that one out, but I love this one. The performance was enough. Not the best, but enough. Poli is an artist and she cranked it out. I really enjoyed seeing her and so glad Bulgaria was back with this fantastic song. I thought she’d win the Barbara Dex award, but that went to someone else. I love it when an artist takes risks. Kudos Poli!

  3. First time I heard it I thought it was not fantastic but this was another one that grew on me and of course it was a hit on stage. Fantastic result for Bulgaria.

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