Dilara Kazimova releases new track ‘Qaralama’

Dilara Kazimova has released her brand new song entitled Qaralama (Draft). It is a smooth and contemporary song with a strong production and beautifully sung by Dilara.

Qaralama is composed by Farid Mayilov, Dilara Kazimova and Kamran Qafarlı. The arrangement is by Camal Qurbanov and mixed and mastered by Samir Asadov. The track is available to stream or buy from digital platforms such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and many more.

Dilara represented Azerbaijan at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Start A Fire.

You can see the official music video for Qaralama below.

Source: ESC Covers


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  1. I have found memories of Dilara. In Copenhagen there was a swing in the lobby of the press center and I spoke to her while she was swinging on the swing.

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