Daneliya Tuleshova ‘High by the beach’ and Patreon page launched

Fans of Daneliya Tuleshova were treated to a new video upload on her  YouTube Channel this week – a studio cover of Lana Del Rey ‘High by the beach’

Also launched recently was Daneliya’s Patreon page.

Patreon allows fans to directly support artists through monthly subscriptions which grants them access to benefits such as early access to new material and live streams.

Daneliya Tuleshova Patreon page

The  service is becoming an increasingly popular way for musicians to interact with and directly reward loyal fans whilst at the same time providing funding for studio recordings and video production.

You can find Daneliya’s Patreon page here.





One thought on “Daneliya Tuleshova ‘High by the beach’ and Patreon page launched”

  1. I gather artists have to come up with something for the fans when there re so few concerts where fans could get special items for sale.

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