It is time to czech in for another competition – this time it involves a cover of one of the Eurovision entries from the Czech republic.

Marli and Gert kitaar covered the 2015 Czech entry HOPE NEVER DIES originally sung by Marta Jandova and Vaclav Noid Barta. They call it HART SE  SNARE (Strings of the heart).

Marli has made one copy available for one of our fans. The question is

We have heard that the Czech republic is now focusing on a new name for the country. If you had been asked to pick a new name for this country, what would you pick? Give us just your choice of name and the most interesting to Marli will win the CD single. You can send your answers as a comment to this post



  1. This is a difficult question. I love the idea if the name change to czechia, so I’m quite biased! If I had to choose a name id call it czechlaska, as it would mean Czech love! Which I do!

  2. Ah yes…. The infamous name change! If I had a chance to suggest a change, it would have to be CzechMate! The country is absolutely beautiful and the people are so welcoming, it’s like going to a friend’s place.

  3. The first time I’ve ever heard of a country wishing to rebrand itself to sound more marketable… Was Czechy McCzechface in the list of possibilities?

  4. It is a bit of a puzzle to think up a convincing name for Czech Republic, I was thinking of ‘Czecatina’ and for the national anthem they could use the abba melody Chiquittia !! (maybe if Bjorn & Benny allow.)

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