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Checkout Ylva & Linda’s Eurovision playlist on Spotify

Ylva & Linda - Eurovision playlist Spotify - 2013 to 2016
Ylva & Linda – Eurovision playlist Spotify – 2013 to 2016

Ylva and Linda Persson have contributed many songs to Eurovision national selections in recent years. They have just compiled a playlist of their songs from 2013 to 2016. Have a listen at the link below –


The girls have also compiled a Spotify playlist for their Pride songs and you can hear them at this link –


Source: facebook.com/ylvalindapersson


It is time to czech in for another competition – this time it involves a cover of one of the Eurovision entries from the Czech republic.

Marli and Gert kitaar covered the 2015 Czech entry HOPE NEVER DIES originally sung by Marta Jandova and Vaclav Noid Barta. They call it HART SE  SNARE (Strings of the heart).

Marli has made one copy available for one of our fans. The question is

We have heard that the Czech republic is now focusing on a new name for the country. If you had been asked to pick a new name for this country, what would you pick? Give us just your choice of name and the most interesting to Marli will win the CD single. You can send your answers as a comment to this post


Celina Ann hopes for success in Austrian wildcard selection

Celina Ann
Celina Ann

Celina Ann was a finalist at the 2015 Wer Singt für Österreich contest with Utopia. Now she is once again hoping for success in Austria. She has entered the wildcard selection with the song Life Is On Your Side.

Life Is On Your Side is composed by Celina Ann and producer Valentin Oman with Swedish songwriters Niklas Bergqvist and Magnus Almgren. The lyrics are by Celina Ann. The song is published by Sweden Songs and produced by Valentin Oman and mixed and recorded by Simon Johansson.

The songs will be chosen via the ORF Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ESCOesterreich

You can hear Life Is On Your Side below.

Source: www.esccovers.com




Melodifestivalen 2015 – Semi-final 1 Results

As only one song has won the Melodifestivalen crown coming from the first semi-final since the 2002 format change, Loreen’s Europhia, these songs will need to work very hard to get that Eurovision ticket this year.  These are my thoughts and the results of last night’s show.


Molly Pettersson Hammar – “I’ll Be Fine” – Eliminated (6th Place)         

Molly’s song starts out promising with a diva in red and a wind machine but her screeching through parts of the song made parts of her performance painful.  A bit of practice could make this song much better.  I imagine it would translate well into Afrikaans.

Daniel Gildenlöw – “Pappa” (Dad) – Eliminated (7th Place)

A sad song about his father but it feels a bit devoid of any emotion and like a bloke wander in from the street and found himself in the middle of the Swedish selection process.

Rickard Söderberg & Elize Ryd – “One By One” – Eliminated (5th Place)

A very typical Eurovision entry with the combination of different music styles, ballad and classical.  The main issue with this entry is that the singers’ voices don’t complement each other.  The girl is flat in several places.

Dolly Style – “Hello Hi” – Advances to second chance

A very saccharin sweet child-like number with three wannabe children presenters that is annoyingly catchy.  You can’t get it out of your head sort of songs.

Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone – “Det rår vi inte för” (We don’t control it) – Advances to second chance

A boy band style singer with a Swedish rapper doesn’t sound like a good idea but it works.  The song needs a stronger chorus to make it stand out more though.

Jessica Andersson – “Can’t Hurt Me Now” – Advances direct to the final

A gorgeous golden gown with a wind machine sets the stage for this lovely ballad.  It’s a lovely song but I feel Jessica needs to sell it with more emotion.  A previous Eurovision participant with the duo “Fame” in 2003 placing 5th, this is Jessica Andersson’s 4th solo attempt and her first directly qualifying song.  Easily translates into Afrikaans.

Eric Saade – “Sting” – Advances direct to the final

A very lavish production number by the white cladded dance machine known as Eric Saade was clearly the favourite of the evening before a single note was sung.  Also a previous Eurovision participant who came 3rd in 2011 with “Popular”, did his fans justice by delivering a very up-to-date number.

What do you think of the results?