Christine Restakyan releases ‘Duality’ collaboration with Mosi Dorbayani

Christine Restakyan has released her first official international single called Duality which is a special project with Mosi Dorbayani. It is a beautifully constructed electro/pop love song.

Christine was identified as a special talent by ‘The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media, WAALM – UK and Canada’. She was invited to collaborate with much respected Canadian songwriter, Mosi Dorbayani. Mosi says “I love Christine’s vocal timber, and she is clearly talented. She has all the qualities of a rising star”.

Christine Restakyan is a talented young singer from Georgia and she consistently makes original music and also does inventive covers of  songs. Check out her official YouTube channel here. Christine also submitted a song to the Armenian Eurovision selection a couple of years ago.

Duality is composed by Mosi Dorbayani and is arranged by A. Augustin. It is a WAALM production.

You can see the official music video for Duality below.

Source: ESC Covers