Listen to ‘Stone Cold’ – the latest cover by Christine Restakyan

Christine Restakyan again showcases her powerful and gutsy vocals with her interpretation of the Demi Lovato song, Stone Cold. Christine is a talented young singer / songwriter from Georgia. She released her own composition Maybe and tried to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. You can hear Christine’s version of Stone Cold […]

Watch: Christine Restakyan perform ‘Toliebi / Seagulls’

Christine Restakyan is a rising singer and songwriter from Georgia and she has just released a cover version of a Nino Katamadze song┬áToliebi / Seagulls. Christine’s charming and smooth vocals suit the beautiful soulful/jazz track and she sings it with a lot of emotion. Christine released her own composition Maybe back in 2018 and recently […]

Listen: Christine Restakyan with her cover of ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ by Whitney Houston

Christine Restakyan has released a beautiful interpretation of the Whitney Houston song, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength. Christine’s vocals are powerful and soulful and crystal clear on the charming ballad. Christine is a singer and songwriter from Georgia. One of her delightful self compositions was the song Maybe that she released in 2018. She […]

Georgia: Listen to Christine Restakyan and her new song ‘Maybe’

Christine Restakyan is a promising young singer and songwriter to watch from Georgia. She has just released a brand new single entitled Maybe. Christine composed the song herself and it has a haunting and almost James Bond type theme to it. Her clear and powerful vocals totally suit this track. I am sure we will […]