Check out the experimental sound of Black Gale from Belarus

Black Gale have released a new video clip for the song Byt Soboy i Nikem (To be yourself and nobody). The track can be described as hard rock and electronic combination.

Byt Soboy i Nikem is taken from the album ‘Mir bez proshlogo’ (World without a past).

Black Gale are an experimental electronic/rock project based in Belarus. The band were formed in 2013 by Anton Sharov from Ukraine and Terry Ivensky from Israel. Olga Maletova from Belarus joined the band project in 2019. For more information about the band you can visit their official website here.

Byt Soboy i Nikem is composed by Anton Sharov (vocals, lyrics, arrangement and keyboards); Olga Melatova (vocals and keyboards); Konstantin Karachun (guitarist). The mix and mastering is courtesy of Alexey Katruk.

The music video for Byt Soboy i Nikem includes film footage from ‘La Double Vie De Veronique’. The clip can be seen below.

Source: ESC Covers


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