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We believe a title of a song can be important in the success of a song. We think back to the song IF I SAID YOU HAD A BEAUTIFUL BODY WOULD YOU HOLD IT AGAINST ME – a song way back from the Bellamy brothers. Hearing this title made you want instantly to go and listen to the song.

2017 have 43 entries and some with really interesting titles. So which title do you think is the most interesting. Once again there is no right or wrong answers and 2 judges (both journalists of ESC COVERS) will judge the titles and see which one is the winner.

Now what you have to do is as follows:
Write down the title that appears most interesing to you and say why and send it to and he will pass it on to the judges.

You have 2 weeks for this and then the competition will close – 17 March 2017 to 31 March 2017.



Last year the lyric phrase THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, IT’S GETTING EXCITING from the Russian entry was on everybody’s lips. What phrase from the lyrics of the 2017 entries do you think is the most memorable? Once again there is no right or wrong answers and 2 judges (both composers) will judge which phrase they think is the most memorable.

Now what you have to do is as follows:
Write down your phrase and send it to and he will pass it on to the judges.

You have 2 weeks for this and then the competition will close – 16 March 2017 to 30 March 2017.



Roy from ESC Covers will be reporting from Kyiv for the Greek language radio station in Johannesburg, South Africa called RADIO HELLENIC which is the only Greek language radio station in Africa. So obviously this competition revolves around the entries of Cyprus and Greece. There is no right or wrong answer and 2 judges from the radio station will look at the entries and pick a winner. Now what you have to do is as follows:

Pick one of the two countries – so either Cyprus or Greece and tell us in a few words why you are drawn to this entry. You have to send your answers to and he will pass it on to the judges.

You have 2 weeks for this and then the competition will close – 15 March 2017 to 29 March 2017.




ESC Covers is running a competition in support of the song NOTT/TONIGHT in the Icelandic final.

The song is sung by ARON HANNES EMILSSON and one of the composers is SVEINN RUNAR SUGURDSSON who wrote the 2004 song HEAVEN for Jonsi.

What you have to do is to publish a photo of TONIGHT in your city/town with a short message. You can publish it as a comment to this post, or do it on the EUROVISION COVERAGE website or send it to and we will publish it. We will allow 2-3 weeks and then announce the winner who will win a prize.



Last week we had nominations for the first category – VOICE with the three sub categories – male, female and group/duets.

Now this week we have a chance to look at the second category – LOOKS and there are again three sub categories – male, female and group/duets.

So please do a comment to give us your nominations for the male Eurovision singers who think look the best.



The Eurovision medal game starts today and will last approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

There are 4 main categories

01 – VOICE

02 – LOOKS



In each main category is 3 sub-categories




We kick off with the first category – MALE VOICE. In a comment to this post, you list the 3 male Eurovision singers who you would award rhe gold, silver and bronze medal to – either just their names or if you want, a short reason why you have picked them.


Now that OGAE Rest of the world has a new website, ESC COVERS will be re-branded as a fan website focusing on the covering of Euovision news and especially songs in other languages. A new logo and time line photo will come in place in the next weeks. We will also be focusing on frequent competitions and the first one kicks off today. In all cases Eurovision items will be the prizes.

Today’s competition has the 2005 Eurovision bag as prize (in honour of Eurovision 2017 being in Ukraine).

Although the competition is open to anybody visiting the website, you will be required to collect the bag in Ukraine next year or make arrangements with someone who will be going to collect it on your behalf.

You need to answer the question as a comment to this post. There is no right or wrong answer and everybody who posted an answer will be in the draw to be the winner.

The question is – would you like to see Ukraine being presented in 2017 by a male, female, due or group and give your reason why you want that.




Stockholm – super special by Michaela Sowden from Australia
Very little could have surpassed Copenhagen 2014 for me. I mean Conchita winning was my height of my longstanding following of Eurovision. Just amazing! Then to go to Vienna in 2015 was brilliant. How could anything get better?
My expectations of Sweden was up there. It was once again a family affair with number two son, his girlfriend and number two daughter. We were meeting up in Stockholm, after a brief get together in my original home town of Klagenfurt, Austria.
My first high arrived before leaving for Stockholm. I received the news that my fan accreditation had come through. I was on cloud nine! Such a coveted trophy, one that was not expected. My mood was set.
Arriving in Stockholm was traumatic, for the first time in years, me a seasoned traveller had not booked a seat on the train to Stockholm from Copenhagen. What was I thinking? We managed to get on the train. Asked the conductor about seats, and were told we had could have a seat til one  and a half hours out of Stockholm. Then we would have to stand., which wouldn’t have been so bad, as the luggage was safe and secure, and my plan was to visit the dining car. Hmm, did not go down to well with Elle. So off we hopped onto the next train, three hours out of Stockholm, at a train station that was not user friendly. Finally found the next train to Stockholm, to be told that there were no seats at all. With some swift negotiating, some very desperate expressions on our face, and stating we would be happy to stand all the way to Stockholm, with some visits to the Dining car, the conductor softened and let us on. Yes we had to pay for seats, OK in the dining car and had to promise to move around, but hey we were again on our way to Stockholm! We eventually found somewhere to store our luggage, after Elle as punishment for her bad advice rearranged the luggage area. We spent the whole time in the dining car, with occasional movement around the train separately, ( he never said he had to move around together) eating and drinking our way to Stockholm. We arrived late but still managed to meet up with some really great people that afternoon.
Love Sweden! Thoroughly enjoyed the ABBA Museum. One memory that will stay with me was my rendition of Diggy loo in Swedish, a language I have no knowledge of, thankfully though being saved by a fellow fan.
The red carpet was phenomenal, and I had to endure the wrath of Elle, as that coveted selfie of her and Måns did not happen due to camera malfunction. There were so many opportunities to run into the stars and get a selfie. I gave a few koala away, one to a very grateful Eneda from Albania.
Oh, the press center was just fantastic. I loved manning  that fan desk for three hours, even if I was alone! I had fun talking to all the press and to get their opinions.
The people I met up with are just the best in the world!
Would I do this again? Of course, the Eurovision bug has bitten me, once a fan, always a fan.