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The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is just over 1 month away away and this year’s Eurovision artists are hard at work promoting their entries. You’ll have seen the videos or heard the songs (you can find them all here) and I am sure you all have your own personal favourites.

I’m am taking a look at all the songs in this years contest and providing some brief thoughts. If you agree or disagree, why not add your comments at the bottom of the page.

In order to avoid personal bias, I’ve decided to review the songs based on their semi-final. So in part 2, we’re looking at the second half of Semi-Final 1 (plus 2 of the songs already qualified for the Grand Final).

Serbia Serbia Beauty never lies – Bojana Stamenov Score
This is a strong entry by Serbia this year. It is also the first time ever that they are performing the song in English. Bojana has very strong vocals, but the song is VERY big and I hope she can pull it off on stage every night. I think this should easily qualify for the finals. It probably won’t win the contest altogether, but should become a classic at Eurovision parties for years to come. 13

Hungary Hungary Wars for Nothing – Boggie Score
This is the kind of song that tends to do relatively well at Eurovision. The simple and pleasant voice with backing guitar singing about making the world a better place. Unfortunately I feel we’ve had this type of entry a few times too many now. It is placed between 2 songs in the semi-final with much more of a stage presence, so they will need something to make the viewers take note of Boggie if they hope to make it to the final. 7

Belarus Belarus Time – Uzari & Maimuna Score
For me, this is a great Eurovision song. Something you can sing along too, and also has potential for great staging with the violinist in the hour glass. The vocals are quite strong although a little more attention could be taken on the diction of the words. I would love to see this song qualify for the finals, and with a professional staging, I think Belarus should be able to make it to the Saturday night. 14

Russia Russia A Million Voices – Polina Gagarina Score
I absolutely love this song. It is everything I want from a Eurovision ballad – the slow buildup, the strong vocals, a good message (even if it does come from Russia), the big notes….this is certainly one of my favourites. It will easily qualify for the Final (although this will probably be met with the usual boos from the audience). 19

Denmark Denmark The Way You Are – Anti Social Media Score
This is unmistakenly Danish. Slightly retro, but yet slightly modern. A good little vote earner from many of the countries around Europe, it is sure to make it to the final. I don’t think it is strong enough to win, but it is a pleasant song that you can tap your foot to. 12

Albania Albania I’m Alive – Elhaida Dani Score
In a year with a number of “Angst-Ballads”, I think this is probably one of the strongest. Elhaida has a fantastic voice and this song is a very strong entry from Albania. It is one of the few songs that I end up singing to myself after I hear it which should hopefully help Albania in the results. I’m Alive, is certainly a better entry than the one Albania had originally selected, and hopefully changing the song will end up working out in Albania’s favour. 17

Romania Romania De la capât (All over again) – Voltaj Score
Romania is very often one of my favourite entries, although this song is a far departure from their usual high energy songs. It is a very high-quality soft-rock song and should be performed brilliantly on the night, given the quality of the artists. It’s not the type of song that usually sets the scoreboards on fire, but I do enjoy it, and it will be included in my Eurovision playlists from now on. Hopefully Romania will be rewarded on the night for entering this very high quality song. 15

Georgia Georgia Warrior – Nina Sublatti Score
I love Nina’s voice, and at first the song sounds like it had great potential, but unfortunately I am not sure if the song quite does it for me. It is slightly too repetitive and I find myself not really paying attention by the end of the song. Hopefully Georgia will be able to keep our focus through the staging but for me, I think this song is in danger of not qualifying. 9

Austria Austria I am Yours – The Makemakes Score
I think this is a very confident entry for a hosting nation. Something that won’t win, but is good enough to make them proud. It is obviously inspired by the great bands of years gone by, but yet still feels current, meaning it should appeal to both the younger and older generations. The Makemakes have a good stage presence and perform with confidence which should see Austria quite high on the scoreboard. 14

UnitedKingdom United Kingdom Still in Love with you – Electro Velvet Score
Easily one of the most controversial entries this year. After some promising hints from the BBC, fans were expecting something very modern, only to be surprised by a Charleston. I personally really love this song for Eurovision. Having seen Electro Velvet perform the song live, they certainly have the vocal ability to provide a great performance on the night. And the song is so different from any other this year, that is should stand out. Hopefully the BBC will be able to come up with some really innovative staging, was the song really does need more than just 6 people of stage and some flashing lights. I doubt that it could win, but I suspect that it will fare much better than the UK’s songs the past few years. 17


The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is less than 2 months away and all the songs for this year’s contest are now know. You’ll have seen the videos as they were released (you can find them all here) and I am sure you all have your own personal favourites.

Over the next few weeks, I will give you my review of this year’s entries. The views are entirely of my own personal opinion and I encourage you to share your views in the comments section. Please do try to keep your comments constructive though, rather than simply declaring your hatred for the entry.

In order to avoid personal bias, I’ve decided to review the songs based on their semi-final. So in part 1, we’re looking at the first half of Semi-Final 1 (plus 2 of the songs already qualified for the Grand Final).

Moldova Moldova I Want Your Love – Eduard Romanyuta Score
Initially this song feels familiar. It has a catchy beat and tune, but you feel like you’ve heard it before. In my opinion, it does feel slightly dated for the modern audience – although a good little pop song, a bit unremarkable. Had it been entered a few years ago, I think it would have had a broader appeal. It should however still find some fans around Europe. 7

Armenia Armenia Face the Shadow – Genealogy Score
This is a very mature song. Well produced and performed and with a lot of potential. The idea behind the band is great and the performers each very good. However I feel there may be some work to go on this song. The singers sound great individually and in harmony, but when moving from one singer to the next, their different singing voices seem to compete with one another rather than blend together. If they can better match the solo parts so that the voices have more cohesion, then this could do very well. 13

Belgium Belgium Rhythym Inside – Loïc Nottet Score
This is one of those songs that you either love or you hate. It is a style of music I quite like from time to time, but unfortunately the first time I heard it I was left underwhelmed. It has grown on me to some extent however. It is an incredibly modern and professional song and very brave of Belgium to select an entry like this. It will all depend on the staging for them in my opinion. 14

Netherlands Netherlands Walk Along – Trijntje Oosterhuis Score
I can’t help but like this song. It is very well performed and has a feel good factor that makes you happy listening to it. It is missing the wow factor though. The song is quite repetative, so you expect it to build up to something special (maybe a spectacular key change or a change in tempo) but it doesn’t quite happen. It’s likeable and should get votes, but is it enough? 15

Finland Finland Aina mun pitää – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät Score
This is a very difficult song to review. It is in a very specific genre and if you don’t like that style of music, you’re never going to like this song. It’s going to stand out, it’s going to cause discussions, and it probably will get votes. 4

Greece Greece One Last Breath – Maria Elena Kyriakou Score
A beautiful ballad and very “Eurovision”. Greece continues to enter good quality entries. In a year with a lot of ballads, this one should stand out a bit as it really is meant for a big stage. It ticks a lot of boxes, and assuming a good staging and performance, should to very well indeed 16

Estonia Estonia Goodbye to Yesterday – Elina Born & Stig Rästa Score
A very contemporary entry (with a retro feel) very reminicent of The Common Linnets last year. The artists have great voices and the simple staging in the national final should work well to gian votes from both the Jury and the Public. Although not one of my personal favourites, I think it will score well 15

FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia Autumn Leaves – Daniel Kajmakoski Score
FYR Macedonia is usually one of my favourite entries every year, however I really wish they hadn’t decided to enter the song in English. The original was one of my favourites of the year. In English, I feel it gets a little lost among the other entries. It’s very pleasant to listen to, and is still a good song, but will it get the votes? 11

Australia Australia Tonight Again – Guy Sebastian Score
A very good quality song from a great singer. It’s very contemporary and something you are likely to sing along to on the radio. In my opinion, this R&B style song could be difficult to stage though. A great song also needs a great performance to get the votes. Will Australia be able to pull off a great stage performance with this entry though? I think it is likely to do better with the Juries than the televoters, but given this wildcard entry is a first, who knows what will happen? 16

France France N’oubliez pas – Lisa Angell Score
Everything you expect from a French power ballad. A very sophisticated song and performance with the potential for fantastic staging. With the right position in the final, it could do very well – particularly with the Juries 16


The Norwegian national final, Melodi Grand Prix, was held by the national broadcaster NRK this evening to select the Norwegian representative in Austria come May.

The winner, performing for Norway in Vienna, was Mørland & Debrah Scarlett with their entry, A Monster Like Me.

Do you like the Norwegian entry this year? Will Norway add a 4th victory to their Eurovision history in May?


The final of Melodifestivalen, the massive selection spectacular from Sweden, was held in the Friends Arena in Stockholm tonight where the winner was decided between 12 entries chosen from the various selection rounds.

After an evening of flying ghosts, snow, group selfies, wind machines and key changes, the winner was finally declared. Måns Zelmerlöw will represent Sweden in Vienna with his song Heroes.

The song stood out from the very beginning due to the extremely clever staging and will certainly be a fan favourite this year. Måns is also no stranger to Melodifestivalen, having tried out in previous years with entries such as Hope and Glory, as well as Cara Mia.

We wish Måns all the best in Vienna.


Armenia have been teasing Eurovision fans with news about their entry from some time now, slowly announcing the various members of the band Genealogy, the group who will be representing the Armenian entry in Vienna.

Today ARMTV, the Armenian broadcaster finally revealed the final member of the group, along with the actual entry – Don’t Deny.

Genealogy are formed by 6 singers. 5 of the singers are from various regions of the world. They are Essaï Altounian, Stephanie Topalian, Vahe Tilbian, Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian and Tamar Kaprelian and they come from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia and each have Armenian heritage. The 6th singer, Inga Arshakyan, comes from Armenia itself.

What do you think of Don’t Deny? Will we be celebrating in Yerevan next year?


Last night, the Greek broadcaster Nerit, held the 2015 EuroSong final to choose the Greek entry for Vienna. After an hour of performances by past Greek Eurovision entries, including the 2005 winner Helena Paparizou reprising her entry My Number One, 5 contestants took to the stage.

After a round of televoting, the winner was revealed as Maria Helena Kyriakou with her entry One Last Breath and will be performing in the first half of the first Semi-Final.

Good luck Greece!


Last night, the Final of Supernova took place, choosing the Latvian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Four finalists took part in the show and in the end Aminata Savadogo took the crown and will be flying the Latvian flag in Vienna with her entry Love Injected.

Aminata missed out on representing Latvia last year when she came 5th in the national selection show which was won by Aarzemneiki. Will 2015 be Latvia’s year? Will they reach the Final in Vienna?



20 FEBRUARY 2015

The Makemakes – Million Euro smile
Tandem – Zeig ihn mir
Wo/Men – Happy (Pharrell Williams cover)
Royal Kombo – Ram pam pam
Clara Blume – Love & starve
The Su’sis – This and that
Kathi Kallauch – Das Leben ist zu kurz
Johann Sebastian Bass – Heart of stone
Celine Ann – I never loved a man (Aretha Franklin cover)
Renato Unterberg – Love


Following the announcement that Il Volo won San Remo 2015 and would be representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, fans have been waiting to hear what song Il Volo will sing in Vienna.

According to the official Facebook page for RAI, the Italian National Broadcaster, Il Volo will indeed be singing the song Grande Amore, with which they won San Remo.

Will Italy be able to take home the trophy from Vienna?


Earlier this evening Serbian broadcaster RTS held their national final Odbrojavanje za beč to choose their entry for Vienna.

A combination of jury and Public vote choose Bojana Stamenov as their winner singing the song Ceo svet je moj which was written by the composer of their 2007 entry Molitva, Vladimir Graić.

We welcome Serbia back to the Eurovision Song Contest after missing the 2014 contest in Copenhagen. What do you think of their energy?