Anti-LGBT protests at Melovin charity concert in Ukraine

Melovin held a special charity concert in Kyiv, Ukraine and it was met with controversy with protests by anti-LGBT radicals before the show.

ESC Covers received the following press release from Ukraine –

“Aggressive right-wing radicals staged an anti-LGBT rally before MELOVIN’s solo concert

One of the brightest representatives of Ukrainian show business, 2018 Eurovision star, singer MELOVIN, who came out last year, held a charity concert in support of Ukraine, gathering hundreds of fans in Kyiv.

From the beginning of the war, MELOVIN became an active volunteer and supported his native country. Together with his musical band, the artist held many charity concerts in different parts of Ukraine and Europe to support Ukraine.

At the concert, from the stage, the singer called on everyone to live for victory:

“The main thing that everyone should remember is that you need to live right now, don’t put off your life, continue to live, drink coffee, take selfies, help others and your country.”

However, on the day of the concert, an unpleasant incident occurred. Several aggressive people wearing face masks came to the entrance of the club and staged a homophobic anti-LGBT rally. They tried to interfere with the concert. Some of them were holding posters “LGBT – Destruction of the Family”.

Fortunately, none of the concert goers were hurt. This didn’t prevent the artist and his team from holding a wonderful charity concert.

The singer received a lot of support from the audience. On the Internet, people also actively stood up in defense of MELOVIN and condemned the behavior of the radicals. They called their action not only anti-tolerant, but also completely inappropriate during a full-scale war with Russia, where a scandalous law banning LGBT propaganda was passed the day before.

This is not the first time that radical homophobic organizations have attacked the artist, spreading hatred in society. MELOVIN is known for his active support of human rights and LGBT community.

It should be remembered that respect for the rights of others changes society, and plays an important role in overcoming hatred in society.”

Source: ESC Covers

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