Morten Thomassen looked today at the year 2017 when it was the third biggest gap between first and second place at the Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Since from 2016 “double” points have been awarded from each country, it is natural that some of those who have finished in second place have many points up to first place.

Well, it was 143 points out of reach for Bulgarian Kristian Kostov to reach the top back in 2017, but I would argue that he has reason to be upset about that position.

He racked up a whopping 615 points and it wasn’t until the 2022 final that young Mr. Kostov lost the place for the second best score ever received in the ESC to this year’s Ukrainian winner.

In other words, he had won all finals after he participated until this year, a bit sad to know perhaps.

This great score to the song “Beatiful Mess” still stands as Bulgaria’s best placement in our beloved competition.

In fact, this country hasn’t done very well since this song was performed and this year, as you know, they didn’t even make it to the finals.

Kristian is still busy with his singing career and has steadily released music in recent years.

Including a song where he collaborated with our own JOWST and otherwise he seems to like competitions as I can read that he has taken part in a Chinese music competition as well.

I can imagine that if Bulgarian TV gets him involved in another round of the ESC, he will probably be welcomed by many fans.

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