Morten Thomassen today writes about the 2016 Eurovision and a tight race between 3 songs. RSC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Since our Australian friends joined the ESC circus, many have wondered what would happen if they were to win.

Well, exactly that “problem” has only been very close to finding out once and that was back in 2016.

However, Dami Im was 23 points short of triggering this challenge and they have not been closer than that.

Many still feel that the song “Sounds Of Silence” was robbed of first place, the Ukrainian winning song has not exactly become an evergreen.

Down to the biggest favorite before meeting at the competition in Stockholm, Russia, Miss Im had 20 points so she had a well-established second place.

The slightly remarkable thing is that Dami won the semi-final fairly clearly over Jamala from Ukraine, but in the final things changed and the silver place went to the longest-travelling in the final.

This lady with the amazing voice was born in Korea and came to Australia when she was 9 when her parents thought she would have better opportunities in that country.

Like so many other artists these days, her career started with participation in a music competition, for her part X-Faktor.

She won it anyway and it’s always a good start to a career and her first record release sold well.

It was probably one of the reasons why Australian TV chose to send her to the ESC.

Later, she has participated in the Australian Skal Vi Danse and she had planned to be in the Australian national final in 2021, but it was, as you know, canceled due to a certain epidemic.

The latest news is that she became a mother as late as May this year, so when the maternity leave is over it might be appropriate to participate again in our beloved competition, I think she will be welcomed with open arms if that becomes relevant.

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