Morten Thomassen is back  this time he looks at the  song that came second in 2012. ESC Covers again google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Then we’re going back in time 10 years and to the last second place, which was over 100 points behind the song that won.

Back then, we could associate our large neighboring country to the east with partying and not war as we do now.

The grandmothers in Buranovskiye Babushki had a party on stage, but not as much as Swedish Loreen who won.

Our Swedish friends both votes, but with the people who voted it was only with 11 points.

This second place with the people combined with only an 11th place with the juries still ended with a second place.

“Party for everybody” was sung in English and sung, which is obviously the language spoken in the regions where these gentle grandmothers came from.

I myself remember that they were a bit worried about going to the final in Baku as it clashed with the potato planting at home in their village.

When asked by me, they were still able to lighten the mood with us by saying that they had got someone else to do that job while they were in party mode.

Did you know that these ladies could perform in Telenor Arena in 2010, because they took part in the Russian final that year and came in third place.

Maybe just as well for da who commented when the title of their song that year was “Dlinnaja-dlinnaja beresta i kak sdelat’ iz nee ajshon” which means something like: Very long birch bark and how it can be turned into a turban.

They also donated the money they earned from being a pop group to the repair of a church in their hometown.

Otherwise, I read that in 2014 the original members were released from their contract and new grandmothers were hired to do the work.

Nowadays, the group consists of 2 permanent grandmothers and as many as 12 back-up grandmothers, being a pop star is hard work.

However, the original ladies now travel around and are called, translated into Norwegian: Bestemødre fra Buranova, contracts are a piece of shit then.

And the way things are at the moment, it will probably take a while before we get to see Russian artists in our beloved competition, so maybe there’s no point in wishing for a reunion with them.

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