Morten Thomassen today writes over the second place song in 1993. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

After their first victory in the 90s, Irish TV chose to hold the entire event in the small town of Millstreet with only 1,500 inhabitants.

The owner of the arena where it was held had already on the same night that they won in 1992 written to Irish TV and offered free use of the premises.

The bait was taken and artists and delegates had to travel by bus from the town of Killarney 30 kilometers away from where they lived.

But, as we all know, size is not everything and it was a great and modern show where British Sonia had to settle for second place 23 points behind the Irish entry who just as easily took a home win.

“Better The Devil You Know” was the name of the catchy song Sonia performed and with her 16 points down to the Swiss third place, it was a safe silver place for the country that probably has the most of them.

This was actually the fourth British runner-up in only 6 years, so you could say that they were in a good mood, possibly helped by the fact that most countries were not allowed to sing in English during those years.

Sonia, whose surname is Evans, started her career back in 1989 and it started with a number-1 hit in her home country.

In terms of hit lists, it has probably gone a little slower after this start, as far as I can see her last list position is a 155th place from 1995.

However, that has not stopped her from releasing music, she did that in 2019 as the latest Wikipedia is to be believed.

So who knows, possibly only the devil knows if this lady could think of another attempt at our beloved competition.

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