Morten Thomassen discussed today the song that ended in 8th place at the 2022 Eurovision song  contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Next we go to a song that could just as well have been from Norway as both the singer and the man who had helped her make the song are Norwegian.

But, as half-Greek, Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord probably did something very smart by saying yes to Greek TV when they asked her if she would sing for them.

I believe that the same song would hardly have won a Norwegian final, we had songs that were similar and as you know they didn’t quite make it to the final.

No, then it is better to have gotten the ticket without the competition and be able to use all your energy on the performance in the international final.

And one must be able to say that Amanda did it to the fullest, we have rarely seen a more intense performance of a song.

Visually, it was also low-key in my opinion and it was probably only towards the end of the performance that voices cracked a little.

Unsurprisingly, it was the juries who liked this best, almost 3 times as many points Miss Tenfjord got from those who sort of know what they are doing.

As many as 6 countries’ juries gave her 12 points and, not surprisingly, Norway was one of them.

Even the people in Norway were pretty much involved in the notes since we had it as the fourth best song.

Our Greek friends usually have a pretty good grasp of final places, only 2 times have they been cheated there.

I think they will probably choose to follow the same recipe as in previous years, they scan the music market for good artists and ask them to come forward.

And when you know that this country spends resources on the TV appearance, such participation is probably to die for.

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