2021 TOP 100 EUROVISION SONGS – positions 70 – 61

No fewer than 171 people from 46 different countries have sent us a top 10. We are very happy with this great interest and would like to thank everyone who sent us a TOP 10! It’s time to reveal the 100 most mentioned songs, we go on with numbers 61 – 70!

61 (54) Italy 2020, Diodato – Fai Rumore 38 (5x)
62 (35) Sweden 1998, Jill Johnson – Kärleken Är 38 (4x)
63 (78) Netherlands 1974, Mouth & MacNeal – I See A Star 37 (7x)
BARBARA VEENEMANS as well as CLAUDE LARSEN SANGERS covered it in Afrikaans as EK SIEN ‘N STER.
64 (new) Latvia 2008, Pirates Of The Sea – Wolves Of The Sea 37 (7x)
WILLEM BOTHA recorded two versions of the song in Afrikaans. Both are called HI HI HO butt he second one  was edited to be a chant song for big rugby matches as is called the BOKKE version.
65 (87) France 1993, Patrick Fiori – Mama Corsica 37 (7x)
Great Afrikaans cover by STEVEN STERLING as MAMMA AFRIKA.
66 (61) Iceland 2009, Yohanna – Is It True 37 (5x)
LEE SCOTT covered it in Afrikaans as KOEBAAI.CANDY BENSON recorded two versions, one in Afrikaans as IS DIT WAAR andone in Spanish as SERE VERDAD.
67 (new) Ireland 2006, Brian Kennedy – Every Song Is A Cry For Love 36 (8x)
This song has many covers. Both GEORGE MEIRING and VEDRA-MARIE MEYER WILLEMSE recorded it in English, while JASMYN teamed up with BRENDAN OCTOBER and recorded it in Afrikaans as SING JOU SONG.
68 (new) Sweden 2006, Carola – Invincible 36 (7x)
There are 3 Afrikaans covers, all having the same title, but the lyrics are not the same. Boyband HI 5, JUANITA DU PLESSIS and ANDRE VAN WYNGAARDT are the 3 artists who covered it as ‘N EWIGHEID.
69 (new) Norway 2004, Knut Anders Sørum – High 36 (5x)
There are 2 Afrikaans covers of this, one by STEVEN STERLING as MY LEWE AAN JOU and one by DOMINEC as DIE LEWE IS WAT JY DAARVAN MAAK. LEON PFEIFFER recorded it in English.
70 (new) Sweden 2011, Eric Saade – Popular 36 (4x)
TIAAN GRUNDLING recorded it in English.

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