Morten Thomassen is today writing over position 14 in the 2022 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

We now go to the song that got the same position as its starting number, Lithuanian Monika Liu.

Now the question is whether an earlier starting number would have given a better position, but for many this was probably a result in excess of what was expected.

Not since 2001 have our Lithuanian friends attempted their own language in the ESC and for language geeks in our competition, you just have to smile widely that it basically went well.

There is a slight tendency for more and more people to sing in their national language and for those of us who have been MGP fans since long before the language rule was changed, this means a lot of nostalgia for us.

You could perhaps also say that the song “Sentimantai” was nostalgic, I got such lovely relaxing jazz-club feelings from the song.

Throw in the fact that Monika shone on stage and sang well vocally and the whole thing became a pleasant experience for many.

And Miss Liubinaite showed that a single artist on stage can completely fill it with a presence to match the song.

Perhaps a little surprisingly, it was the audience who liked this song the most, in the final they got almost three times as many points as from the juries.

Nice that the public can be lured into voting for someone you don’t really understand the meaning of the text.

Our Lithuanian friends have basically been quite good at managing to qualify for the final and should continue in the track they are in, namely with artists who have the whole package when it comes to performing a song on the TV screen.

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