Watch Nicole Hammett and her amazing cover and music video for ‘Zero Gravity’

Nicole Hammett has released a stunning music video for her cover of the 2019 Australian Eurovision song, Zero Gravity, by Kate Miller-Heidke. Zero Gravity is perfect for Nicole’s powerful pop/opera vocals. It also has an important message about never giving up and this is something Nicole totally believes in. The video clip is directed by […]


Ida Andia of Romania is almost finished with her review of the 17 songs in semi final 1 of the Eurovision song contest. Today she looks at Australia. I was a big fan of ”2000 and whatever” performed by Electric Fields. But they finished 2nd. The winner of their selection was Kate Miller-Heidke with ”Zero […]

Kate Miller-Heidke will sing ‘Zero Gravity’ for Australia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Kate Miller-Heidke has won the very first Eurovision – Australia Decides competition and will represent them at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with Zero Gravity. 10 songs competed in the final – 1. Ella Hooper – Data Dust 2. Electric Fields – 2000 And Whatever 3. Mark Vincent – This Is Not […]