1. From the couple of times i listened and watched the clip to heartbeat i was on a 50/50 with this song.
    Seeing Justs performing it live he had strong vocals and thought he done a good job with the song.
    But it didn’t chance my mind leaving me still on the the 50 /50.Latvia not making a full mark on me didn’t make my top ten and i didn’t think it was for the final. Caught in the middle 🙂

  2. Latvia… the land of the Ad Break Beaver. I really grew to like this song. Very contemporary sounding, yet different. I love that Animata did the music and lyrics. Justs performance was right on point. He sang the heck out of the song… really strong vocals that impressed me big time. But, I think for a the Eurovision audience, it sounded too much like everything else on the radio, so it didn’t stand out enough to be ranked higher. Nevertheless, this song made it to my top 15.

  3. Enjoyed this song but wasn’t sure if it was strong enough to get to the final especially after last year’s entry. Was good to see Latvia get through.

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